Year: 2020

‘He knows what he’s doing’

When decorating your own home, if you like what you like, who cares what anyone else thinks?

That’s the mindset of one man who refused to remove the sticker from his oven when he got it, so it looks like a tray of massive cookies is constantly baking.

His friend, TikTok user doranowen, shared a video in which he questioned the decor.

“Why does the oven look like that? Did you get that yesterday?” doranowen asked in the video.

“I just like how it looks, man,” the oven’s owner responded.

The TikToker ridiculed his friend for leaving the sticker on so it looks like he’s “baking massive cookies” at all times, but commenters quickly came to his defense.

“Leave him alone, he likes how it looks man,” one wrote.

“He knows what he’s doing,” another said.

“The vibes in here are immaculate,” a third chimed in.

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Fireworks In Malibu July 4th 2020 Canceled: See Area Events

MALIBU, CA — Independence Day events across the country, particularly in Los Angeles County, will not look the same this year, thanks to the coronavirus.

Due to regional health orders and an L.A. County ban on organized fireworks, cities and organizations canceled their traditional Fourth of July extravaganzas, including in Malibu, where no offshore fireworks permits will be issued.

Two barge permits were requested last week and were denied, a city spokesperson said.

But the patriotic spirit persists, nonetheless, throughout the area and Greater L.A., as some communities are hosting live aerial flyovers, virtual fireworks and parades, decorating contests and fun, Independence Day activities to do from home.

And if you’re up for a drive, there are a smattering of fireworks shows set to go off in Riverside, Orange and San Diego counties and in Rancho Cucamonga — although most come with viewing restrictions.

Peruse the list to

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Greater L.A. 4th Of July Celebration & Event Guide 2020

LOS ANGELES COUNTY, CA —Independence Day celebrations will look decidedly different this year, as COVID-19 concerns spurred cancellations of most July 4th parades, carnivals and fireworks extravaganzas throughout Greater Los Angeles and statewide.

More events are canceled then proceeding, to be sure. The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health nixed live fireworks shows throughout the county — leaving the closest confirmed display in Rancho Cucamonga, plus a smattering set to go off in Riverside, Orange and San Diego counties.

But the patriotic spirit will go on in the L.A. area as several communities are getting creative with home-decorating contests, aerial flyovers, online activities or virtual fireworks and concerts.

Scroll through the list, and see what’s going on near you. Stay safe, and have a Happy Fourth of July, from Patch!

Due to the pandemic, counties or cities may adjust or cancel events at the last minute, so

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Etsy’s new augmented reality feature makes decorating walls much easier

Etsy’s new augmented reality feature makes decorating walls much easier

Over five million art prints, paintings, and photographs sold on Etsy have a new sidekick to make it easier to see how they’ll fit in your home.

Just launched in June 2020, the augmented reality update to the Etsy app lets you visualize how a piece of art would look if it were actually hanging in your home. All you have to do is point your phone at the wall.

As long as an item is categorized under Paintings, Photography, or Prints, it should work with the AR feature — so for the most part, you can search for art as you normally would. You’ll be prompted to scan the wall in question as well as the ceiling and floor to give the app an idea of room dimensions. Once the print pops up, you can tap to move

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