Day: May 11, 2020

Coronavirus positive: Good news round-up

If you can suspend your disbelief for long enough it’s really not hard to find the upside in our current predicament.

We’re mostly spending out working days at home in tracksuit trousers, living la vida cosy, the streets are noticeably quieter and now you can do your bit to keep the racket down by parking in more areas than usual.

Several local councils have relaxed their rules on where motorists can and can’t leave their cars, with wardens warned against issuing tickets for cars parked in resident only bays.

It’s been suggested that enforcement takes a “common sense” approach, which doesn’t bode all that well given London collectively took its children and grandparents to the same four parks last weekend. 

But let’s give traffic wardens, surely one of the toughest gigs imaginable, some credit and assume they’re going to collectively know when to practice leniency. They’re a great bunch,

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