Day: June 8, 2020

Can’t go to mosque during Ramadan during COVID? Families make ‘mini-mosques’ at home

RIDGEWOOD, N.J. – Muslim families isolated at home during the coronavirus quarantine are missing traditions during the holy month of Ramadan, such as praying at mosques, sharing communal meals and visiting family and friends.

In their place, many find solace, joy and faith by creating prayer spaces inside their houses modeled after the places where they normally would worship.

The result in homes across New Jersey has been a colorful, DIY celebration captured in photos and shared on social media. 

“For us, this was a way to create a space for our children, because we knew we wouldn’t be able to take them to mosque this year and have iftar [meals] with family and friends,” Stephanie Aspero said. “It was important to have something, even if it’s just symbolic.”

Decorating one’s home for the holy month, which began in late April, is not a new tradition, but it’s taken on

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