Day: July 10, 2020

‘He knows what he’s doing’

When decorating your own home, if you like what you like, who cares what anyone else thinks?

That’s the mindset of one man who refused to remove the sticker from his oven when he got it, so it looks like a tray of massive cookies is constantly baking.

His friend, TikTok user doranowen, shared a video in which he questioned the decor.

“Why does the oven look like that? Did you get that yesterday?” doranowen asked in the video.

“I just like how it looks, man,” the oven’s owner responded.

The TikToker ridiculed his friend for leaving the sticker on so it looks like he’s “baking massive cookies” at all times, but commenters quickly came to his defense.

“Leave him alone, he likes how it looks man,” one wrote.

“He knows what he’s doing,” another said.

“The vibes in here are immaculate,” a third chimed in.

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