Staff at Jack Lowe, Sr. Elementary school are using elaborate, global-themed decorations to welcome students back for the 2021-2022 school year.

DALLAS — Some teachers are already busy as a new school year approaches. At Dallas Independent School District’s Jack Lowe, Sr. Elementary campus, they’re decorating the halls before students arrive. 

“At Jack Lowe, we go big or we go home,” said Principal Sandra Barrios.

Teachers are going above and beyond with their plans to welcome students back to class.

The principal said, as in past years, she issued a challenge to her team. Barrios urged the staff to be creative, as they welcome students back to campus for full in-person instruction.

The staff is decorating each hallway and some classrooms. The elaborate decorations represent different parts of the world.

“Our theme is cultivating global leaders,” said Barrios.

Teachers said the theme is important, because they want the students to feel included. The campus has a high student population representing five different continents. Twenty-five different dialects are spoken at the campus.

“The faces that you see when they come in, they’re incredibly excited when they see it. And even me, myself, when I see them, I get excited too,” said teacher Kristina Ramirez.

The teachers are crafting and creating paradise scenes to represent places  like Africa, Asia, North America, Central America, Australia and other places.

Teachers said they also added QR codes along the hallways to help students learn about different countries and cultures. 

“We enjoy doing this,” said teacher Thalia Barnes.

The staff said the competitive décor served as a team building exercise for teachers, and allowed them to create an environment where students will feel safe, welcome, and eager to learn after a challenging school year of virtual learning.

Jack Lowe, Sr. Elementary students had back to campus Aug. 9, for the first day of the 2021-2022 school year.