If you are putting together a home theater system and have already purchased a projector, you are now ready to buy a screen. While a variety of screens are out on the market to choose from, they can be classified into three basic categories.

Fixed Screen

The first choice is to install a fixed screen in your home entertainment room. The advantage of this type of screen is that because it is fixed on the wall, it can cover the wires and cables. To install it, stretch the screen on the wall and use fasteners to keep it in place. If you have speakers, you can put those on the side or behind the screen.

Tripod Screen

One of the benefits of a tripod screen is its portability. You can take it down after use, fold it up, and put it wherever you would like. However, the screen is going to be a lot smaller than a typical projector screen, but will also be less expensive as well. Tripod screens are ideal more for temporary situations such as meetings or presentations, but not necessarily for home entertainment.

Retractable Screen

A retractable screen is the other option you can choose to go with your home theater projector. You can choose to hang it on your wall or from your ceiling. When you aren’t using a retractable screen, you can either manually or electronically retract it. This is a more expensive option, but is ideal if you don’t want the screen to be seen while not in use or don’t have a lot of space in the room.

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