It is the perfect feature for those who love to decorate their home, spending hours making sure everything is in the right place. And it’s also great for fans of Happy Home Paradise or Happy Home Designer on the Nintendo 3DS as it gives you more creative freedom than before.

How to Unlock the Pro Decorating License

To get the Pro Decorating License, you first need 2,500 Nook Miles. For help earning them, check out our Nook Miles – How to Get Miles, List of Challenges and Rewards guide.

Once you have enough, head to your Resident Services building and then to the Nook Stop where you can purchase the Pro Decorating License. It unlocks immediately. Now you’re ready to add some accent walls and ceiling fixtures!

How to Add an Accent Wall

To add an accent wall, you obviously need some wallpaper. You can buy it from Nook’s Cranny or from Saharah, either when she visits your town or after you unlock her at Harv’s Island Shopping Plaza. You can only have one accent wall per room.

Make sure you have the wallpaper either in your pockets or in Storage and go into Decorating Mode by pressing Down on the D-Pad when you’re in the room you want to add an accent wall to and then the Plus (+) button to switch to the wall view.

To use wallpaper from your pockets, press X, click on your wallpaper, and then hit “Set Accent Wall.” If it’s in your Storage, press Right on the D-Pad, navigate to it, and then press X to set it. Take a look at our How to Remove Accent Walls page if you need help figuring out how to take it down.

How to Add Ceiling Fixtures