The beautiful season of rain is here with the drops of water falling on your skin, greenery everywhere and the scent of the rain-soaked earth. Don’t we all just love everything about the rainy season? This lovely season just makes us want to sit beside the window with a cup of tea and a plate of pakoras.

As we spend most of our days indoors during this season, therefore, there is a need to make your place feel like monsoon. So, here are some home décor ideas to welcome the rainy season.

Create A Cozy Reading Corner

a bed in a dark room: reading decorate house rainy

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reading decorate house rainy

There is no better feeling than curling up in your blanket reading your favourite book with a cup of coffee in your hands. To add to this enlightening experience, create a dedicated reading space in your home.

Remember that your corner should be extremely comfy and should have enough light. The ideal space for this corner is next to the window where you can easily enjoy the weather and also get ample light. Add your personal touch to it with rugs, pillows, blankets, indoor plants, art, coffee table, bookshelf and many more.

Add A Pop Of Colour

a brown leather couch in a living room: colours decorate house rainy

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colours decorate house rainy

The rainy season calls for a vibrant and colourful décor. Therefore, add colours to your place in all ways possible from changing the bedsheets and pillow covers to getting a vibrant coloured sofa.

Pick bright colours like red, yellow, orange, blue and green and avoid the use of pastel hues. Also, limit the use of dark shades as they make the room look gloomy.

Add Greens To The Place

Rains are the best time to reconnect with nature and what is better than adding fresh green plants to your home. There are so many options available in the market for indoor plants and you can get your favourite ones to place in your house. Plants will give your house a breath of fresh air. Place them wherever you want and they will surely look wonderful in every nook of the house.

Wind Chimes

a close up of a glass building: windchime decorate house rainy

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windchime decorate house rainy

To add a whimsical note to your house, you can hang wind chimes (Vastu tips to attract positivity with wind chimes) by the window and listen to the sweet music of the wind. This will definitely soothe your mood and make you feel calm.

Either buy one from the market or you can also make it yourself at home with things just lying around at your place. You will find several DIY videos on the internet.

Dirt Trappers

You need a doormat at the entrance of your house so that everyone can wipe their shoes before entering the house. Go for doormats (how to make doormats with leftover items) that are made up of jute, coir or recycled rubber. Remember to get them in funky prints and vibrant colours to add a quirk to your doorway.

Doormats are extremely essential for the entrance of your house as these keep most of the dirt from entering your place and at the same time, the funky prints will work as a visual aid.

Get your home ready to welcome the rainy season with these tips. For more such tips, stay tuned to HerZindai.