Fans amused, confused by Charlie Puth’s unmade bed on One World: Together at Home live-stream

On Saturday, music stars from around the world participated remotely in Global Citizen and the World Health Organization’s historic live-stream event, “One World: Together at Home,” to support the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and celebrate healthcare workers and first responders on the frontlines. 

Some performers sounded heavily edited and slickly pre-produced, while others, like Adam Lambert and Sofi Tukker, made the extra effort to conjure a Coachella vibe by decorating their homes with disco lights and tropical plants. But others kept it real — like Kesha, whose pet cat was mewling in the background, or Irish rock band Picture This, who, while not exactly keeping six feet apart, at least conscientiously slathered on hand sanitizer before high-fiving each other.

But no one kept it more real than superstar singer-songwriter Charlie Puth, who didn’t even bother to make his bed or fold his laundry before broadcasting live to

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