Designer Home Workspaces – Dining Room Home Workspaces

Slide over, supper club: A-list designers have crowned a new queen of the WFH setup, and it’s cushioning the blow of all those cancelled Friday-night dinner parties amid the pandemic lockdown. Creatives seeking natural light, an out-of-the-way spot for calls, and space to spread out are landing in their dining rooms, turning antique European tables into dynamite work desks and marveling at the opportunity to work in such a deeply personal space.

“I have always liked working in the dining room,” says Anthony Baratta, who is sheltering in his home in Southampton. “I’m always doing a few things at once: drawing, making phone calls, writing and cooking. I like to leave my stuff all over the table so I can come back and change decorating schemes around.” Here, a look at how he and six other designers are finding a little breathing room for their grandest ideas.

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