Taking a minimalist approach to decorating your home is predicated on selecting the pieces, details, and textures you need to drive the desired aesthetic, then eliminating or removing everything else that can be considered excess. Beyond muted color palettes and contemporary accents, it is this deeply streamlined mindset that truly informs this design style, which is entirely about restraint and embracing the beauty of less—not more.

There’s no better place to apply this only-what-you-need decorating method than in your bedroom, where you go to relax, reset, and unwind after a long day. Consider this space a metaphor for your brain at the end of a frenzied 24 hours: Declutter it, and peace (and sleep!) will surely follow. Luckily, minimalism isn’t one size fits all. Do you love color? Texture? Organic textiles? All can be integrated into your minimalist bedroom, so long as they contribute to the calm ethos of the interior.

Ultimately, it is this unique concept that makes a minimalist bedroom so achievable. Chances are, with a few subtle tweaks, you can transition your existing suite into a pared-down oasis, no major overhaul necessary. As you’re about to discover on the slides ahead, this can be as simple as removing a rug or swapping vibrant, patterned bedding for a balanced white or cream set. Looking to invest in some new furniture? Consider earth-derived materials, like cool concrete. Shopping for a new fixture? Aim for something woven or jute. Keep reading for more simple ways to curate a minimalist bedroom, courtesy of interior designers. And remember—less is always more.