What uPVC Window Styles Could Beautify Your Home

There are many factors that could make your home beautiful and among these are your windows. The symmetry and design of your house’s structure are also determined by these fixtures. Although they are sometimes overlooked by homeowners, they are quite important to the overall aesthetic appeal of your home. If you are looking for some windows that will add a trendy touch to your abode, then you should look into the types of uPVC windows available in the market.

Windows made of uPVC , especially those with double glazing have gained popularity in the recent years. This is not just because of their aesthetic aspects, but also because of their insulation and security properties. Another advantage to this type of window is the variety of styles available. Here are several of the more widely used designs preferred by both interior designers and homemakers:

Picture Windows

These are kind of uPVC windows that help in creating an illusion of a huge space in your home visually. They feature a huge fixed pane of glass right in the middle and this is bordered at both sides with smaller sized windows. You won’t even have to open these large windows, which will offer you a panoramic view of your lawn or backyard garden, to let some air in. It will be as if you have a big picture frame right in your own home with side windows that you can open for ventilation.

Vertical Sash Sliding Windows

Although a uPVC window is modern in style, this does not mean that you cannot get one that does not have a classical charm to it as this is exactly what you can get from the vertical sash sliding design. In purchasing this style of window though, you need to make sure that it reinforced with steel and features an anti-jimmy bar to ensure that you are protected from burglaries.

Casement Windows

With this style of window made with uPVC, you can choose from those that are hinged at the top or at the sides. They are best known for providing the best kind of security for your home. There are usually different colours of this kind that you can choose from.

Tilt-and-Turn Windows

If you are living in a place where you always need ventilation, then these windows are the ones for you. They come with an innovative mechanism that lets you tilt or turn their panes inwards either from the top or from the side when you want to get some air.

Reversible Windows

If you are living in a condominium or in a sky-rise apartment where cleaning windows is quite difficult especially from the outside, then this style of uPVC windows is the best for you. Featuring reversible hinges, these windows can be rotated 180 degrees and can be a great alternative as a fire escape option. These windows usually come with built-in restrictors that will prohibit children from opening them completely.

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