This past weekend, I had a few friends over for dinner. One of them couldn’t get over a set of flameless candles on my countertop. “I know,” I replied. “I got them for less than $25 on Amazon.” I love being able to share my cheap finds with friends (including the price paid), especially when it comes to things that can make your home look better. Something I’ve learned while shopping is that just because something is cheap doesn’t mean it’s of low quality or not worth the price you pay. You can find so many awesome deals that match the look and quality of more expensive items.

Wanting to make your home to look better can mean a lot of things, from repairing small nicks in wood or nail holes in walls or refreshing the look of your bedroom or living room. The thing I love about Amazon is that the site has you covered (for cheap) no matter what looking better means to you. You can begin automating your home with inexpensive smart light bulbs that work just as well as competitors for a quarter of the cost. Or, if updating your interior design is the goal, you’ll find stuff like beautiful bedding and amazing accent pieces that turn your home into a showplace without needing a second job to pay for it all.

Here are a few standouts that I’ve found if you’re cheap (like me) but want your home to look better.

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A 6-Piece Set Of Bamboo Sheets In 40 Amazing Shades

Let me start by sharing that this sheet set comes with four pillowcases for those of us who build a nest. You don’t have to search (or spend) for separate cases to match. The bamboo construction is cool for comfortable sleep, and the extra-deep pockets are made for mattress toppers. It’s available in an outstanding 40 colors.


A Simple Pen That Refreshes The Look Of Grout In Seconds

Restore your shower tiles or flooring to a brand new look without the cost of a redo. This grout paint pen brightens and whitens grout without having to scrub it first. Each pen covers up to 150 feet, creating a perfect DIY solution for your bathroom or kitchen. Did I mention it’s only $9?


This Magnetic Screen Door That Snaps Closed & Leaves Your Hands Free

Parties on the patio are easy when you have this magnetic screen door in place. It pulls apart with a push and snaps back in place to close, letting you move from the kitchen to the patio dining set with your hands full. The mesh fabric resists damage for lasting use and offers a fresh breeze that keeps the bugs out.


This One-Of-A-Kind Himalayan Salt Lamp That’s Handcrafted

Add the unique profile and warm glow of this Himalayan salt lamp to your space. Each rock is hand-cut, so no two are alike, and the solid wooden base adds a perfect finishing touch. Many reviewers love that the lamp is adjustable, letting you create custom illumination in bedrooms or living rooms.


A Set Of Rug Grippers That Help Corners Lie Flat

If you love the look of a runner but have trouble keeping it in place, you need this set of grippers to handle the task. The suction material holds onto floors for sturdiness, and they attach easily to your rug’s back by simply peeling and sticking them in place.


A High-Strength Small Hole Repair Putty That’s Super Easy To Apply

Fill and smooth small holes really quick with this high-strength putty. It works 3 times faster than standard spackle and uses 3M technology to ensure your repairs last. A 4.6-star rating backs up that claim. This putty is recommended for use on holes and nicks up to 3 inches in diameter, letting you restore a sensationally smooth finish.


This Pack Of Furniture Protector Pads That Keep Your Floors From Scuffing

Slip these foot protector pads over your sofa and chair feet to keep them from scratching up hardwoods. The clear silicone sleeves are easy to attach and let your chair’s finish shine through, while soft felt pads help protect delicate flooring. You get 16 covers in each pack, which is enough for four pieces.


These Under-Shelf Mug Holders That Don’t Require Holes To Install

Finding a spot to keep your coffee cups and mugs isn’t hard with this set of holders that mount to shelves. Each one has six hooks and attaches without needing to drill a hole. The sturdy iron construction can handle the weight of large coffee mugs, and the included adhesive makes it simple to put them in place.


A Set Of Flameless Candles That Offer Realistic, Inviting Light

Enjoy the look of natural candlelight with this set of flameless candles that are powered by batteries. Nine real wax pillars of varying heights let you set a stunning scene, while the LEDs flicker like real flames to help recreate the ambience of true candlelight. Use them together or throughout your home to upgrade the atmosphere.


A Set Of 12 Versatile Coral Velvet Dish Towels That Absorb & Dry Quickly

Many reviewers have shared that these dish towels are “super absorbent” and useful for washing dishes, cars, baseboards, and practically anything else. A lightweight coral velvet construction cleans quickly and dries fast. Plus, these cloths are washable in your machine, so you can use them again and again. Each pack contains 12 for every household task.


This Glossy Marble Paper That Upgrades Counters, Dressers & More

Upgrades with real marble can set you back thousands of dollars. This glossy marble paper delivers the same look for just $6 a roll. The self-adhesive backing doesn’t even need glue for a super simple DIY project. Use this paper on tables, counters, or dressers to deliver an upscale look for so much less than the real thing.


This Brushed Nickel Vinyl Paper That Delivers The Stainless Steel Look

A gourmet-worthy stainless steel kitchen is easy (and cheap) to attain with this brushed nickel peel-and-stick wallpaper. Preprinted gridlines make this paper easy to cut, so you can finish the face of your fridge or your stove with edge-to-edge results. So many reviewers have labeled this one “great.”


This Decorative Hardware Kit With Magnetic Garage Door Handles

You don’t need a whole new garage door to update your home. This set of magnetic faux window pieces and hardware delivers a sophisticated look without the great expense. The 32 pieces let you create your own design, from a single line to multi-paned “windows” that will really fool passersby.


A Set Of Sheer Window Curtain Panels That Softly Filter Natural Light

In my opinion, filtered light shining through a window can really make your home look better and brighter. These sheer curtains are a perfect way to let the light in and keep your privacy. Grommets at the top slide easily along standard curtain rods for effortless installation. This two-panel set is available in 16 pretty colors.


This Adjustable Tension Curtain Rod For Showers Or Open Doorways

Hang your shower curtain or decorate an open doorway with this tension curtain rod. Adjustable tension lets it meet a range of door or enclosure widths and holds securely in place without slipping or sliding. Rubber end caps provide a sturdy grip and help prevent damage to walls and frames. This rod is available in five finishes.


This 4-Pack Of Smart Lights That Work With Alexa & Google Home

Set up automated illumination throughout your home with this pack of smart light bulbs. There’s no need for a hub, and compatibility with Alexa and Google Home Assistant let you schedule and monitor with voice control. You can also use the app. Each bulb offers 16 million colors, along with warm white.


This Plug-in Dimmer Cord That Works With Table Or Floor Lamps

Dimming the lights is a whole lot easier with this simple plug-in dimmer. It’s compatible with halogen or incandescent bulbs up to 300 watts, letting you create a whole mood by moving the slider. You can even pair this plug with your Christmas tree to set a custom glow, according to reviewers.


This Vintage-Style Rug That Offers Traditional Throwback Appeal

In my opinion, placing a rug here or there can really warm up your home and make it look better. This traditional area rug is a perfect fit for the job, and it doesn’t cost a whole paycheck like so many rugs do. Polypropylene construction stands up to everyday wear and tear, and the classic pattern adds simple sophistication to your space.


These Motion-Sensing Night Lights That Illuminate From Dusk Till Dawn

Add soft illumination to hallways or bedrooms for more brightness with this set of four motion-sensing night lights. Plug them into a standard outlet, set to auto mode, and your path will be lit if you need to get up in the night. You can also set these night lights to glow all night.


A 6-Piece LED Light Kit That Outlines Cupboards, Floorboards & More

You don’t need expensive lighting (or even an electrician) to get the luxe look of LED lighting in your kitchen or bathroom. This under-cabinet lighting kit has six light strings, so you can outline your cabinets or your floors. An included remote offers easy control over 10 adjustable levels, and adhesive backings hold in place securely for lasting use.


This Stretchy Sofa Slipcover That Delivers An Instant Like-New Look

This stretchy slipcover lets you keep your favorite comfy couch while giving it the look of brand new furniture. Polyester and spandex deliver a smooth, soft surface, and an elastic band keeps this cover in place. Choose from over three dozen colors to create an instant (inexpensive) designer update to your home.


This Set of 2 Velvet Throw Pillow Covers That Look So Plush & Comfy

Refresh your throw pillows and add an instant accent to make you home look better with these velvet pillow covers. The plush velvet material delivers a rich look to your sofas, chairs, or beds. The hidden zippers deliver a seamless look — and you’ve got 37 colors to choose from, so you can mix and match to switch it up.


This Upscale Gold Mirror Tray That Shows Off Your Favorite Perfumes

Your perfume collection deserves stunning storage. This gold mirror tray provides pretty impact to enhance your home and keep your favorite products contained and close at hand. A velvet bottom means it won’t scratch your dresser top, and reviewers have shared that the gold finish really looks expensive (when it’s not).


A Pack Of 3 Artificial Potted Plants That Are Perfect For Non-Gardeners

Pretty paper pots combine with artificial eucalyptus for a sweet home upgrade that you don’t have to water. This set of three faux plants look great placed together, but you can also spread them out throughout your space. The reviews here are key — and this collection boasts a 4.8-star rating, so you know you’re getting a great deal.


These Blackout Curtains For Privacy & Sleep-In Sunday Mornings

Whether your bedroom faces the sidewalk or if you’re a fan of afternoon naps, this blackout curtain pair lets you block out the sun while providing more privacy. Rod pocket construction slides easily onto standard rods for super-simple installation, and the woven three-layer construction refuses to let in a single ray of light. Choose from 23 beautiful hues.


This Set Of Wood Repair Markers & Crayons That Refresh Your Furniture

Touch up wood tables or repair scratches in molding with this wood repair kit. Six finishes match everything from light oak to black, and you get six each of markers and crayons to handle a range of cosmetic repairs. Wax crayons help fill in gouges and deep nicks, while the markers provide a match to your stain.


This Simple Cloth That Helps Remove Water Marks & Small Scratches From Wood

“It works” is what most reviewers say about this simple water mark removing cloth that can save your expensive tables and desks. This multifunction cloth also removes alcohol stains, heat damage, and latex paint. Use it to polish metal and chrome to restore a gleaming finish. Best of all, it’s reusable.


A Set Of 3 Floating Shelves That You Can Install In 2 Different Ways

The really cool thing about this set of floating shelves is that you can mount them in two different ways using the same brackets. Place the brackets above or below the shelf to create two totally different looks. Vintage styling adds a throwback touch that makes your home look better in just minutes, and sturdy wood and metal construction withstands years of use.


This Slim Outlet Cover With A 3-Outlet Power Strip For Expanded Use

Sometimes, it can be difficult to plug in electronics — or even a surge protector — behind a heavy entertainment center or desk. This three-outlet power strip solves the problem by having an ultra-thin outlet cover that plugs the whole thing in and blends in with your space. Three standard outlets offer room for your speakers, TV, and consoles.


A Cable Management Box That Hides Your Surge Protector Out Of Sight

Keep cables from cluttering up your space with this sleek and sophisticated cable management box. The ample interior can handle power strips, surge protectors, and all your cords and cables, while the lid hides them away and delivers a streamlined look. This simple solution looks great and keeps your computer setup from tangling up in your feet.


This Rustic Waterproof Tablecloth That Adds Decor To Dinner

Whether you’re decorating for a holiday or simply trying to upgrade your kitchen, this rustic tablecloth delivers a perfect traditional touch. It’s waterproof, too, with treated nonslip fabric that holds its own against everything from spilled water to gravy and more. The generous size works well with rectangular tables, and maintenance is simple: throw it in your machine.


These Organizers That Handle A Range Of Pan Lid Sizes

Reclaim your cupboard space with help from this set of two pot lid organizers. Each organizer holds up to three lids, no matter what kind of handle they have. Place them side by side or one above the other to make the most of your space. You can even mount them on the back of a pantry door.


A Paper Towel Organizer That Hangs Under A Shelf Or Cabinet

Simple, yet sleek, this paper towel holder mounts under shelves or cabinets and provides the perfect way to keep your towels close for use. An open-ended design makes it easy to switch out rolls, and versatile installation options let you mount by adhesive or screws. Choose from black or silver finishes to match your kitchen aesthetic.


These Clear Plastic Containers That Come With Labels For Efficient Storage

You can declutter and make your pantry look better with this set of BPA-free storage containers. They’re clear to show off your dry goods and come with chalkboard-style labels so you can identify ingredients with ease. Extra labels let you switch up the contents of each container, and snap-tight lids help keep your food fresh.


The Faux Ivy Garland That Adds A Touch Of Green To Your Space

Add the look of living foliage all throughout your space with this 18-pack of faux ivy garlands. You can hang them on a wall to create a lush focal point, or wrap them around Styrofoam to build a beautiful topiary. Each strand is 7 feet long and perfect for wrapping railings or accenting banquet tables.


These Plant-Inspired Water Color Paintings That Liven Up Living Rooms

Pull together the pieces of your living room to make your home look better with the simple addition of this set of wall art prints. Water color impressions of nature grace each canvas, creating a beautiful backdrop for sofas, beds, or other spaces. The frameless pieces are super easy to hang on walls or in hallways.


A 3-Chamber Soap Dispenser That Mounts To Your Shower Wall

Streamline your routine with this shower-mounted three-chamber soap dispenser. Each compartment offers space for body wash, shampoo, and conditioner, keeping them close and providing easy one-touch dispensing. Dual-sided tape and waterproof silicone adhesive make this dispenser simple to install in your shower’s corner.


This Sleek Shower Caddy That Has Hooks For Your Loofahs

With its slim, modern design, this shower caddy combines good looks with ample storage for all your supplies. Four hooks offer a spot for hanging sponges, razors, and more, while the shelf above has more than enough room for washes, shampoos and conditioners. It’s available in a silver or black finish.


This Metal End Table That Makes The Most Of Smaller Spaces

Don’t let the minimalist design fool you. The simple lines of this round end table add an inviting vibe while offering needed extra space. Use it to hold your favorite book and a cup of tea or a collection of favorite photographs. It sets up in seconds and is available in black or white finished metal.


These Stick-On Vanity Lights That Create A Makeup Mirror In Just Minutes

Save money while creating a professional space for makeup and hair with these stick-on vanity lights. The set includes 14 bulbs with self-adhesive backs for easy installation. Even lighting and a 6000K color temperature deliver the perfect illumination for applying your makeup, while extra included stickers make it easy to reposition these bulbs as needed.


A Tile Repair Kit That Can Fix Cracks, Chips & Holes In Floors & Walls

Replacing broken tile is a time-consuming (and costly) task. This porcelain and ceramic tile repair filler makes quick work of cracks and chips at just $15 a pop. Simply dab it on and level it out. This filler works on a range of kitchen and bathroom tiles and is available in several popular colors so you can find your match.


These Agate Coasters That Deliver A Stunning High-End Look

True works of art, these agate drink coasters really make a statement on an end table or countertop. Clear rubber bumpers help keep them from scratching wood or laminate, and the bold brilliant real stone won’t absorb stains from small spills. This inexpensive set of coasters makes a terrific housewarming gift to show you care.


This Square Pouf Cushion That Delivers An On-Trend Retro Accent

If your sense of style trends toward tradition, these elegant square poufs are for you. Plump padding creates a plush spot for sitting on the floor or lining a window seat. The button-tufted accents deliver on a retro look to define your space. Covered in soft chenille, this cushion is available in seven popular-right-now colors.


This Waffle Shower Curtain That Comes With Its Own Weighted Liner

You get the whole setup when you pick up this shower curtain because it comes with a weighted liner. This stylish steal boasts a waffle weave look for understated class in the bath, and the rust-resistant grommets attach easily to your curtain hooks for simple installation. True hotel-quality, this shower curtain is ideal for guest room baths.


A Sleek Shower Mat That’s Made With Bamboo

You can use this bamboo shower mat in or out of the bath to stay sturdy with every step. The durable construction resists cracking, while a three-layer waterproof coating resists damage and mold from the shower. With nine anti-slip grips on the bottom, this wide-slate mat should stay in place without sliding around.


These Appliance Handle Covers That Help Reduce The Need To Clean

Wrap these handle covers around your refrigerator doors to keep them clean and free from smudges. A silver finish matches your stainless steel, and Velcro closures help keep them securely in place. You can even use them on microwave or oven doors. These handy wraps are easy to keep clean in your washing machine.


A Magnetic Shelf That Offers Storage Above Your Stove

Make great use of the space above your stove with this magnetic shelf that turns it into storage in a snap. Sturdy metal construction can hold your spices, oils, or knickknacks for display. The magnets on the back work with most metallic surfaces, creating an insta-shelf. Choose from white, black, or stainless to match your appliance.