IFX Brokers Review - The Forex Geek

IFX Brokers, headquartered in South Africa, is a leading broker that specializes in providing a competitive and complete trading environment suitable for a variety of business goals and strategies. Read on to learn more about the IFX brokers signup and how to use it in the future!

About the broker

Regularly updated tools and business opportunities mean traders are facilitated with better business experiences at lower prices, and the trading platform provides more liquidity and competitive spreads. The trading platform provides traders with a very fast non-profit model that gives them an edge in trading a wide range of CFDs, commodities, currencies and futures.

How to sign up to IFX Brokers

Signing up to IFX Broker is an easy process that can be understood easily by anyone. Below are the steps to register an IFX broker:

  • Register an IFX account online on iOS or Android using an easy-to-use authentication process.
  • Deposit funds into your account. Select the investment method you want to use and invest in your IFX account.
  • Start trading multiple assets and multiple currencies from one account.

Types of accounts

Traders can choose from three unique IFX brokerage accounts, including Islamic IFX, Original IFX and IFX. Each of these accounts are backed by the broker’s trading platform features, serving a variety of trading needs and accessing over 70 silver, gold, silver, oil and gas pairs.

Benefits of an IFX broker trading account

  • Fast withdrawal process
  • Several investment options
  • Upload accounting documents
  • Manage your personal information
  • Send money between accounts
  • Account history
  • Custom mail, free deposit.
  • Balance and equity
  • View the history of your withdrawals and deposits

Deposits and withdrawals

Consumer wealth management plays an important role as assets can be withdrawn from segregated accounts at any time at the request of the seller and the company account holder. The minimum deposit required by an IFX broker to open an account is $ 100, which is quite acceptable for most brokers compared to their standard price. New traders use this minimum deposit. The broker offers great places to invest and withdraw funds, but unfortunately payment methods are limited and only include:

  • Visa
  • Bank wired funding
  • account transfer


Leverage is a tool that allows traders to hold larger positions and gain access to the trading market, regardless of their initial investment. As a result, leverage, like in Forex, not only increases the trader’s profit, but also increases the trader’s potential risks and losses.

The maximum discount offered by IFX brokers is 1: 500.

Trading platforms

IFX Brokers offers the famous and comprehensive MetaTrader 4, which includes useful measurement tools and allows you to customize a variety of charts. MetaTrader 4 is known for its sophisticated features such as one-click execution, stop and stop orders, technical signals and real-time analysis. The platform can be used as a desktop application for Windows and Mac computers, as well as a mobile application for Android and iOS devices, making it easy for a person to access a trading platform from wherever he is.