BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) – A local Bowling Green couple has gone all out for the spooky season. John Ezell and Lana Hendricks take Halloween decorating to a whole new level.

For several years the couple has decorated their property inside and out. Altogether, there are more than one thousand decorative pieces in and around the house. Ezell even stated that they have so much decor that they have to rent out storage rooms after the spooky season ends. Due to this, it takes the couple more than 2 hours to turn on all lights, animatronics, and other electric devices for the full effect of their setup.

“We started doing it (decorating) with our kids and grandkids, but now they’re all grown up. But people seemed to enjoy it so we decided we’re going to keep doing it as long as we can,” Ezell explained. “My favorite part is the adult’s reaction. They scream and the kids look at their parents like ‘really’?” he added.

John also reports that the house is haunted by a young guest named Isaac who lived there long ago and likes to make unexpected appearances every now and then. “We just embrace him like part of the other Halloween decorations. “So if you do get a little tingly feeling, well it could be your fright but then again like I told you earlier we are a haunted house too so it could be someone strumming your hair you can’t see,” Ezell added.

The exterior of the house, which is located at 324 Emmett Avenue, will be open to the public during normal trick or treat hours on Halloween day.

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