A house on sale hiding an eccentric interior has gone viral as the owners were praised for ignoring the “everything grey” trend to turn it into a “home like no other”.

The property in St. Louis, US, is on the market for £1.15m ($1,599,000), featuring six bedrooms, six bathrooms, a huge front porch, multiple balconies, and a garage.

From the outside the home looks like any other, but as you step through the front door you find a collage of bright and vibrant colours used throughout by the owners.

One of the main living areas boasts green walls with a matching coffee table topped with glass, four orange armchairs, a purple bookshelf, and a zebra-print rug on the floor.

The main living room
Prospective buyers will find a real injection of colour inside

The main living room
Some people said they “wouldn’t change a thing”

The dining room has a black and white chequerboard tiled floor, a mixture of pink, orange, teal and striped chairs at the table, and a loud pink ceiling border.

Elsewhere, another reception room has red walls, with a similar shade found in one of the mansion’s many bathrooms, while the office is decorated with a floral jungle-themed wallpaper, a red desk and pink sofa.

An envy-inducing mini library on the staircase has been painted orange, and even the gym and living area in the basement has walls featuring pink, green and teal paint.

The dining room
The dinning room with its chequerboard floor

Another reception room
Would you live here?

The description on Zillow reads: “Welcome to this colourful 6 bed, 6 bath mansion in Clayton! You are immediately overwhelmed by the historic grandeur of this home including an immense wrap-around front porch and balconies on every level.

“Oh, the parties you’ll throw! Once you enter, you realise you are in a home like no other. The millwork has been accented with pops of colour in the grand entranceway featuring a fireplace.

“The original wood floors run throughout the first level into the modern kitchen with a centre island, stainless steel appliances, and two deep sinks. The formal dining room has an abundance of bay windows, making the black and white floors sparkle.”

Inside the house
Others weren’t so sold on the decor

The listing was posted on the Facebook page Zillow Gone Wild and people were full of praise for the design, as one as asked: “Wait, how did they pull so much of this insanity off?”

A second said: “I love it. They’re best life-ing the s*** out of this. It’s a bit bright for some people but it looks like people love it. Houses are supposed to be homes and that’s personal. They didn’t decorate to sell. They decorated to enjoy themselves.”

And another replied: “I absolutely love this one! So much colour, not boring everything grey or beige like TV homes. This would be my home if I was a millionaire.”

But it wasn’t to the taste of a few, as one person said: “That’s what happens when you let a seven year old buy their own house.”

And someone else added: “You’d have to take out a second mortgage just to repaint every square inch of this house.”

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