Lulu de Kwiatkowski Crafts an Exuberant Bahamian Home

“You never think you’re going to live where you spent your childhood holidays, but there’s a luxury and surprise to it,” says artist Lulu de Kwiatkowski of Lyford Cay, the understatedly old-school private community in the Bahamas where both her current house and her childhood family home are situated. “I don’t remember growing up in New York City, but I remember growing up here.”

Her memory of that time is steeped in nature, exploration, and freedom. “It had an enormous impact on my upbringing, my inspiration, my primal existence. “We were feral—we basically lived in the water and trees,” she notes of life with her five older siblings.

Known for her riotously colorful fabrics and kaleidoscopic paintings of flora and fauna, de Kwiatkowski blends bohemian ease with sophisticated élan in both her work and personal life. And this disarming hybrid distinguishes the atmosphere of the breezy Bahamian home she now

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