Getting a new apartment or house is exciting, but it takes more than just moving in to make it your home. Decorating a new place is a great way to make empty walls and spaces feel more homey.

Luckily, transforming a new living place can be done on a budget and by yourself. DIY decorations can be as simple as putting up some photographs on a wall or some paint on a canvas.

IU sophomores and twin sisters Gracie and Sammie Farrall are media advertising majors who said their first step in decorating was to cover their white walls because they found them boring.

After agreeing on a pink theme, they found pictures on Pinterest of brands, magazine covers and slogans they both liked. They printed them out and used glue dots to create a collage on the wall.

They recommended printing pictures from a website like Shutterfly, which costs roughly $30 for 200 photos, and glue dots that can be found online for around $10.

With one wall complete, they began to set out the rest of their decorations. Sammie enjoys painting so, they bought a few small canvases from Michaels and started painting.

“Our creativity comes out in different ways. Sammie is more painting but I am more photography based,” said Gracie

Beyond painting and collages, they said tapestries are another great option to help decorate a wall. 

“A strong idea for themes is starting with a color palette,” Gracie said. “Just pick a few colors you think look good together.”

Whether you have a passion for arts and crafts or you are just looking to make your place a bit brighter, a DIY project is a great way to decorate easily and inexpensively.