Who’s bored yet? OK, yes, pretty much everyone. But we’re all doing the right thing by staying inside in our pajamas all day. North Carolina officials have said our stay-at-home orders are working, and the outbreak of COVID-19 may peak with fewer deaths than originally feared.

At the same time, national officials have reminded us that now we must really buckle down and stay at home to crack down on spreading the novel coronavirus. It’s a daunting thought after a few solid weeks of sitting on the couch, burning through all your must-watch tv and movie recommendations.

Shannon Evans, co-owner of Nailed It DIY, said, “I think it’s important to recognize that what we are all dealing with is intense. We’re all in the same storm but in different boats. Our minds all need to find the space they need to process this in a way that we find a center and some peace.

“If you need to sit in your pjs all day and watch tv to escape things for a little, do it. Our minds need different things at different times, which is why we are so blessed to be in the business of DIY. One thing we’ve been able to recognize is that there is a benefit for sell my house fast jacksonville people when they have the opportunity to receive a structured creative experience.”

Nailed It and other local companies can offer ways for you to stretch your creative muscles through kits, bundles, virtual parties and take-and-make items. You can also treat yourself to a coffee delivery or have a FaceTime cocktail hour. Dress up with your roommate, significant other or family members — whoever you’re sheltering with — and celebrate life with a dinner you don’t have to cook. Or spruce up your spring wardrobe, even if it’s just to add a fashionable face mask to wear to the grocery store.

There’s still time to salvage your spring. We’ve compiled a list of several things you can do to stay busy on your own property to get through the weeks ahead.


You can browse the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art’s collection, learn about exhibiting artists at the Harvey B. Gantt Center for African American Arts + Culture or dig into Charlotte’s past with the Brooklyn exhibit at the Levine Museum of the New South. The Mint Museum also offers ideas for getting creative at home away from your computer screen, along with a variety of things to read, watch and listen in its “Museum from Home” programming. You can even travel to your favorite museum — virtually, of course.