12 Simple Steps to Make Your Move Memorable and Fun

Moving to a new destination is a pretty exciting task but it involves proper management and organization. Either you are moving alone or with family, you have to pack and move all your household goods and essentials with you. How to pack an entire household is the big question that shook one’s head when we think of moving to a new destination. With little effort and better planning, you can overcome this cumbersome task. One who is unable to do it themselves should approach leading packers and movers, who will diligently plan your move in a better way. If you have decided to do it yourself then we are helping you with some smart tricks, which help you to make your movement an incredible and fun experience.

Start Your Planning in advance

Moving to the new home is not a one-day task, it consumes several weeks of the individuals. It is advised to at least plan your move before a month so that all the moving activities can be done smoothly. Proper planning about each move activity will ease out your moving stress up to a great extent. So what are you waiting for? Commence your move plan…

Make a Separate Folder for Moving Documents

Before relocating to the new destination, one should keep all the documents of moving like lease papers of a new house, moving contracts, new address, etc in one separate folder labeled as ‘Moving Folder’. With this, you will be able to present any of the documents as and when required at the time of reaching the new destination.

Initiate Your Packing Process Prior Two Week

Packing the complete household goods for the move is not a simple task, which can be completed in a day. It is better to commence your packing process at least two weeks before because you have a lot of goods at your home and shifting them to a new destination will take your time. To avoid the last-minute hassle, start packing your stuff in good quality packing cartons.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Items

We understand that there are a lot of sentiments attached to your household goods. Taking all of them to your new place and again storing them for no use is useless. It is better to move your vigil eye over all the goods and make a wise decision on the unwanted stuff, which you are not taking with you to your new home. It will ultimately reduce your transportation cost and space.

Prepare Separate Packing List

By now, you have got rid of unnecessary items in your house. Now, here comes the turn for leftover household goods. You should make a list of goods that you are taking with you. The well-prepared list will help you in organizing your packing and rearrangement task. You will have no confusion while making your floor layout for the new premises.

Do Room wise Packing

It will be very difficult for you to keep your stuff in one place and then pack one by one. You will get confused and stressed about what item to be packed first. It is better to start packing room-wise so that the lot of one room is kept separately at the time of loading and unloading. You can better start with rooms, whose stuff is least used by you like a store room and loft.

Label the Boxes

Just putting the things in the carton and covering it with packing tape is not a sufficient task. If your packing cartons are not labeled properly, you will face big chaos in identifying the items at your new premises. It is advisable to properly label every carton according to the room so that at the time of unloading, you will just emplace the boxes according to the labels. You can use colorful labels, Numeric Series, and funny stickers for labeling your items.

Tip: Do not paste the label on the top of the box as while loading in the truck, anything pasted or written on the top will be covered automatically. It is better to put a label on the other sides of the packing carton.

Do Not Forget to Pack Moving Day Essential

While you are about to finish with your packing activity, one thing you should do in advance is to pack a separate suitcase with all the essential items and a pair of clothes to be worn on the very next day at your new home. As you will get tired of traveling and would be in no mood to open the whole packing stuff instantly. Also, do not forget to keep some petty cash with you for petty expenses.

Make One Toy Carton for Kids

Kids are innocent and they are the ones who might have less interest in your relocation as they have to lose their childhood friends, teachers, favorite picnic spots, etc. To make them feel special and chilling throughout the move, you should make one separate carton and put all the toys and games in it. Later on, you can cover the cartoon with colorful papers and ask your kids to paste their favorite stickers to distinguish their toy box from the other cartons.

Chill Out With Old Friends and Relatives

You are shifting to an unknown place with new neighbors. It is very critical for you to bid adieu to your old friends and relatives. You can arrange a small get-together with your family and friends to keep their last memories with you, which will help you in your initial days at your new home. Also, chilling out with friends will also reduce your moving stress and you will feel energetic again with the same enthusiasm.

Explore Your New Destination on Search Engine

You should also search for popular spots of recreation at your new destination. After all, you have to reside there and spend your weekend at chill-out places in the area. You can search them on Google and get ready for the next hangout with your new neighbors and friends.

Apply for Disconnection of Utility Services

You will be awful but it is true, you have to leave the old place. Before leaving your home, you should apply for disconnection of the utility services like power supply, water supply, telephone, gas supply, and many others. If possible, you can get your address changed if you are having a local move otherwise you have to again get a utility connection at your new home.


By now, you must have got an idea of making your move successful and entertaining. Also, you can reduce your moving stress by hiring professional packers and movers. Once you handover your goods to the moving company, then you will get relieved from packing and moving stress. The top-notch moving company plans your move with perfection. Right from packing your goods to the final delivery at the new destination, the moving company will act as your relocation guide and help you in all the moving activity. Their innovative techniques and packing material will keep your goods intact during transit. So what are you waiting for? Hire professional people and enjoy your move at affordable rates.

Have a Happy and Safe Move

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