christmas decor

Looking for the best Christmas decor for 2021? We’ve got you covered with our ultimate guide containing all of’s lists of the best holiday decorations, ranging from Christmas trees to lights to ornaments and more.

Christmas Lights

christmas lights

Types of Christmas Tree Lights

When it comes to decorating the Christmas tree, we all have our preferences to make the tree our own. Whether you are looking to elevate your usual light routine, or perhaps take a different approach than you usually do, we’ve compiled a list of all the best Christmas lights for you to try this year!

Smart Christmas Lights

Smart Christmas lights are the up-and-coming Holiday trend this year! Create bright displays on your tree, around the house, or outside, and simply control them with just one click on your phone. You’ll be the envy of every house on the street with these easy lights that look oh so complicated.

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Christmas Laser Lights

Skip the long and tedious process of hanging lights this year and jump straight to the “oohs” and “ahhs” that you’ll be hearing from all your neighbors as they pass your house. Laser lights are the easiest, brightest setup that is sure to have your house standing out as the most festive this year!

Solar Christmas Lights

If you want to be more environmentally friendly this year but have no idea where to start, don’t worry, we’ve got you! We’ve compiled a list of the 21 best solar Christmas lights so that you can go green and feel good about your light display!

Snow Globes

Snow globes are classic gifts and decor that never get old! With so many trendy snow globes, as well as the unique favorites, you are sure to find a snow globe that you will love for every occasion. Warning: compulsive buying may occur!

Indoor Christmas Decorations

indoor christmas decorations

Cheap Christmas Decorations

Looking to get in the festive spirit without draining your wallet? We all know Christmas decor can get pricey, so we are here to bring you cheap holiday decor that will make any home bright and merry! It may be cheap, but it looks expensive and impressive!

Christmas Train Sets

Give the gift of excitement this year with classic train sets! Train sets are great gifts for children and adults alike, the only question left is whether you will set the track up around the tree or gift wrap it in the box. Whatever you decide, these 13 train sets are sure to please any conductor!

White Christmas Decorations

Take the meaning of ‘White Christmas’ to a whole new level by giving your entire interior a white and festive makeover! Whether you live in a warm climate or just can’t get enough of the white outdoors, we’ve got you covered with the greatest white decor available.

Best Stocking Holders

We put so much time and thought into choosing our Christmas stockings each year, so this year let’s focus on how we’re hanging them up! Whether you are hanging them by the chimney with care, or next to the tree with ease, check out the best Christmas stocking holders on the market!

Christmas Candles

Christmas candles are a warm and comforting necessity to have in the house during the cooler months. Create a house full of warm Christmas memories this year with delicious scents throughout each room! Whether it’s a candle-lit dinner or a relaxing bath, treat yourself, and your senses, with these amazing candles.

German Christmas Decorations

Take a step back from the usual commercial displays and enter the world of unique German Christmas decor! From painted wood nutcrackers to original advent calendars and everything in between, we are here to provide you with the must-have German decor this year!

German Christmas Pyramids

For a beautifully festive touch to any living room, German Christmas Pyramids are the way to go! Once the candles are lit, enjoy the show of lights and shadows as the pyramid turns in circles. This list covers the best of the best pyramids with various different piers and themes!

Christmas Tree Skirts

Don’t leave your Christmas tree naked this year! Instead, dress it in one of the finest Christmas tree skirts available! From the simple, classic look to an elegant, elaborate option, there are so many fine options. Choosing a Christmas tree skirt is a difficult decision and we are here to help with the 11 best Christmas tree skirts!

Christmas Tree Storage Bags

Organization is key when it comes to storing your artificial tree. Although we all love putting the tree up each year, taking it down tends to be much more dreadful. When the dreads get you down, turn to some of the most convenient Christmas tree storage bags available. You’ll be thanking yourself next year for your superb organizational skills, trust me!

Grinch Decor

The Grinch may not be in the Christmas spirit, but his loyal fans sure are! Decorate the tree, stuff the stockings, wrap yourself up or find the best Grinch-themed Christmas decor and gifts available on the internet! After all, the Grinch is a Christmas classic and deserves all the recognition this year!

Baby’s First Christmas Stockings

Create precious memories that will live on through photos for decades to come! Choosing your baby’s gift Christmas stocking is a big decision, and with so many out there on the market, we’ve narrowed down the selection to the cutest 21 stockings available.

Monogrammed Stockings

Stockings are a right of passage for every household that celebrates Christmas. If you are having a large gathering this Christmas, consider monogrammed Christmas stockings to avoid confusion and create a welcoming environment for all of your guests.

Commercial Christmas Decorations

If you are a business owner looking to spice up the shop this Holiday season, look no further! Get your customers and employees in the Christmas spirit with festive decor. From inflatable lawn decor to rustic street lamps, we’ve got everything your business needs this season, and more!

Tree Ornaments and Decorations

christmas ornaments

Weird Christmas Ornaments

We all have those relatives that we just can’t help but buy weird gifts for, each and every year. Whether it’s a best friend, a brother, or even a parent, you are sure to find multiple ornaments that will surpass your wildest, weirdest gift dreams possible! If you can’t find it on this list, then it probably doesn’t exist just yet.

Unique Christmas Ornaments

When the ordinary ornaments just aren’t good enough for the tree this year, try one of these unique ornaments that even the most passionate Christmas lovers have yet to see. Santa will be staying quite a while as he chuckles his way through all of your unique tree ornaments this year.

Christmas Pickle Ornaments

There are two types of people in this world: those who love pickles, and those who can’t stand them. If you are one who loves pickles, you are sure to adore these 15 pickle ornaments to hang on your tree this year! Who knew pickle ornaments are such a popular theme!

Wooden Christmas Ornaments

Sometimes, classic and simple is best, especially when it comes to decorating for Christmas. This year, consider purchasing wood ornaments for the Christmas tree for a natural look that will complement the Christmas tree beautifully!

Angel Tree Toppers

Stick with classic Christmas traditions this year with a beautiful angel topper for your Christmas tree! With so many beautiful styles to choose from, it can be difficult to pick the one that will sit atop your tree this year. Check out our list below to help you narrow down your selection to the best angel tree toppers out there!

Life-Size Nativity Scenes

Return to the roots of the Christmas holiday with life-size nativity scenes to display on your lawn this year. These scenes depict Bethlehem on the night of Christ’s birth, therefore they show the true spirit of Christmas in an authentic way. These nativity scenes also happen to be absolutely beautiful!

Advent Calendars

advent calendars

Wooden Advent Calendars

Advent calendars make counting down the days until Christmas a fun and exciting endeavor each December. Whether you have young children or just love opening the doors yourself, we’re here to share the best wooden advent calendars with you this year. Good luck picking just one!

Toy Advent Calendars

Forget the sugar this year and give the gift of daily toys! These advent calendars have little toys hidden behind each door. Whether you go with Lego or Hot Wheels, these little gifts are sure to please even the pickiest of children this Christmas season!

Advent Calendars for Men

Whether he is a fan of Star Wars, crafted beer, or cool socks, there is an advent calendar for it! When it comes to the special men in your life, give the gift of daily happiness with an advent calendar that lets them know just how much you adore them.

Artificial Christmas Trees

artificial christmas trees

Aluminum Christmas Trees

When a real tree is out of the question, go for the next best thing: an aluminum Christmas tree with free delivery straight to your door! With 17 different options depending on preference, we’ve got the top selection of all different shapes and sizes! Let the shopping begin!

Giant Christmas Trees

Go big or go home! Read below for a selection of 15 giant Christmas trees, ranging from already decorated for convenience to simple, elegant trees that you can decorate by yourself! These huge trees are so breathtaking that you won’t even miss the real thing!

Half Christmas Trees

If you have an empty wall or corner that you are looking to decorate this Holiday season, we’ve got just the thing for you! Half Christmas trees are convenient if you don’t have ample space, and they fill up any blank space that needs a festive touch! If you are wondering which half Christmas tree to purchase this year, we’ve got you covered.

Pencil Christmas Trees

If you love skinny and tall trees, pencil Christmas trees are a must for your house this season! Whether you live in a small apartment or are just trying to save space, pencil Christmas trees are a cute and trending way to stay festive this season.

Black Christmas Trees

Black Christmas trees are not only trendy, but they are sophisticated and create such a stark contrast with the white outdoors! Black Christmas trees also give you new challenges for decorating in the Christmas spirit – they go great with any color decor and any style of lighting! If you’re looking to switch things up this year, consider one of these 11 best black Christmas trees on the market.

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Christmas Necklaces

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Christmas Brooches

Brooches are a simple and elegant way of showing just how festive you are! Brooches make for wonderful secret Santa gifts, stocking stuffers, or to wear on Christmas dinner. Whether you want Frosty or a mistletoe, this list of the 25 best Christmas brooches has it all!