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When you don’t know someone that well, or are just fresh out of ideas, it can be hard to find a gift that still feels thoughtful but doesn’t require much effort on your part. And though gift certificates are great, they can feel a little impersonal. Subscription boxes, however, fall right into that good-gift sweet spot. With so many different-themed boxes out there, choosing the right one shows that you at least put some thought into it — but because someone else is curating the box, putting it together, and doing the packaging and delivery, it’s just as simple as getting an e-gift card. To make it even easier, we curated a list of some of the best giftable subscription services out there — many of which our writers and editors have tried themselves, so they’re actually good, not just boxes of junk.

Below, our picks for the best subscription boxes to gift to every person on your list. For the wine drinker, the beauty blogger, the avid reader, and even the new parents, there is a subscription for just about everyone on your list, and it keeps giving and giving. And for ease of navigation, we’ve categorized these subscriptions into five sections: Food and Drink, Beauty and Grooming, Books, Kids, and Home.