Epic Systems Corporation, or Epic, is an innovative electronic health record management application. According to the company, its software holds medical records of 53% of all patients in the United States alone and 2.5% worldwide in that year alone.

Epic Systems

The health care Epic systems provide include electronic patient billing, electronic health records management application, and electronic health records retrieval software. This electronic medical record software application is designed to enable doctors and other health care professionals to manage, secure, and view patient information. It also allows access from other computers, mobile devices, and the Internet.

The system is intended for both physicians and patients. For example, it allows a physician to enter patient information and immediately produce results. It also provides the capability of automatically capturing vital signs of a patient like blood pressure and pulse. These vital signs are then automatically converted into readable formats on the hardware itself. This allows a physician to evaluate a patient’s health conditions from different angles by viewing detailed information right away without using numerous devices. This is one of the major reasons why doctors prefer to use this particular application.

Prevents Errors And Reduces Costs

Another advantage of the Electronic Medical Record software is that it prevents errors and reduces costs. This is because it automates the entire record-keeping process. For example, instead of having to go through paper records or the more tedious task of manually converting patient information into electronic format, Epic provides a full suite of electronic systems to do this. This also means that Epic can reduce the time necessary for taking care of patient records and data.

In addition to that, you can also customize the electronic medical record systems to suit specific needs and circumstances. Such e-commerce features include patient self-directories and electronic payments. This means that a doctor’s office can establish online accounts for its patients, and medical suppliers can accept electronic payments. The ease at which critical information can be accessed and shared has made this system a top choice for many medical offices and hospitals. It also makes it much easier for them to share data and with third parties.

One of the most popular Epic Systems is their Physician Portal. This portal can manage patients’ information, appointment schedules, and event reminders. This saves a great deal of time for physicians to ensure that they can offer patients the best possible medical service.

Of course, not all Epic systems are created equal. Before buying any of these systems, you should ensure that you are getting the best possible one. This can be done by consulting reviews of the software. You can also find out how successful the Epic Software brand is by checking customer comments on various websites.