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A scented soy wax candle that’ll make your new home smell like…well, home. This elegant glass jar candle from the Magnolia Hearth & Hand line has a 36-hour burn time and will fill your space with the spicy, woodsy scent of cardamom and vetiver. How soothing!


Promising review: “This is by far our favorite candle scent there is. It is so warm and inviting without making the room smell overpowered. We get so many compliments on this scent when we have it burning. Wish they offered them in the larger candle options again. 10 out 10 would recommend this scent!” –Kayla

Price: $7.99


A plush rug or two to cover your naked, naked floors — especially if you’re going from a rental with wall-to-wall carpeting to a place with hardwood floors. This modern, geometric option has a high pile that’ll be super soft on your toes while simultaneously perking up whatever room you put it in. Never underestimate the transformative powers of a good rug.


Promising review: “This beauty is #ruggoals. It is plush and comfy and the graphic pattern adds the perfect pop to my office. I added a memory foam rug pad underneath and it is even more irresistible! My cats love it too!” –Babyfreud

Price: $60+ (available in five sizes and three colors)


A cheeky welcome mat made of coir, so you can put your visitors at ease as soon as they arrive. Not having many visitors over these days? Well, who says your welcome mat can’t welcome you home, as well?


Promising review: “What a great rug! Good quality, and not the usual boring design from all the stores.” –Target reviewer

Price: $24.99


Some pretty, tasseled curtains that’ll help you get a good night’s sleep the first night in your new home — and every night thereafter. These velvet drapes from Target’s Opalhouse collection offer both elegance and whimsy, all while filtering out the light from your fabulous sleeping quarters for a restful night.


Promising review: “Love these curtains! The color is great and I love that they feel nice and quality without being too thick. They’re definitely light filtering, but it’s not too transparent for my taste. I love the blue ones so much that I bought them in the pink/salmon color for another room in my house.” –Maggie

Price: $30+ (available in four sizes and two colors)


A faux leather letter holder and key hook, so all your can’t-leave-the house-without-‘em items have a new home, too. The faux leather folder is perfect for stashing mail, although tons of reviewers have actually adorned it with flowers and plants instead. Meanwhile, the four metal hooks can hold anything from keys to parking passes.


Promising review: “I love this thing! I put my mail in the pocket when I get home so my husband can look it over before throwing away the junk mail. The hooks are totally amazing, perfect for dog leashes, keys, and masks! Once I put my eye on this piece, I knew wanted it! I love it!” –Target reviewer

Price: $24


The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, because decorating starts with organizing. Keep what you like; cull what you don’t; and then shop smart by filling in whatever gaps you’ve got left. Does a well-decorated space spark joy? Yes. Yes, it does.


Promising review: “I discussed this book years ago with a friend of mine when she purchased it as a new release. She told me how it would change everything, but at the time, I didn’t really think I needed it. I’ve always had a bit of a minimalist attitude, make trips to donate unused items and gifts, spend for need (not wants) mostly, and am fairly organized. After watching the author on her most recent Netflix show, however, my interest was piqued. I read this book in one sitting and found her stories of how she became a consultant delightful. Inspired, I immediately went to work, implementing her suggestions, and honestly can’t believe the difference. Tidying up has allowed me to re-organize my house into a space that I now actually like. Furthermore, it’s re-organized my way of thinking. I would recommend this read to anyone. So many take-aways!” –SummerGal

Price: $8.58


A sleek, minimalist round wall mirror, because nothing helps finish off a space like your own reflection (you’re gorgeous!). No, but really – mirrors help open up a space, bounce tons of light around the room, and a touch of polish to your surroundings. Perfect? Perfect.


Promising review:Looks way more expensive than it is. Hangs easily and looks so good!” –Target reviewer

Price: $60 (available in three colors)


A cushy, oversized lumbar pillow that’ll make your couch look as new as your home. The stripes and tassels give it some visual interest, while the neutral color scheme ensure it’ll go with everything.


Promising review:This pillow is so soft and comfortable. We use it in our theater room and it definitely gets fought over.” —Fan

Price: $29.99


A luxe velvet slipper chair from Target’s Opalhouse line that’ll add a pop of pizzazz to any corner of your new place. The wood hairpin legs give it a touch of the ol’ mid-century look, too — VERY ~in~ these days, no?


Promising review: “If you’re thinking about it, get it. Looks great! Rich color, sturdy, comfortable. Not too bulky, which works for my small living room. If you’re on the taller side it may be too small.” –Target reviewer

Price: $149.99 (available in two colors)


A faux eucalyptus plant — just because you have a tendency to, uh, kill plants (it’s me, I’m talking about me) doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to have some greenery in your space. This option is affordable, adorable, and immortal. Everybody wins!


Promising review: “I love this little plant. It goes great with my TV stand, perfect size!” —Karen

Price: $4.99


A snazzy new pendant light, because you own your place now – you can change up anything you like without needing to ask for permission first! Pro tip: This modern glass globe pendant works best hardwired, according to reviewers (but again, not a problem, brand-new homeowner that you are!).


Promising review:I bought one of these last year and I liked it so much that I bought another a few weeks ago. They were both in good condition when they arrived and packaged very carefully. I cut the cord on one and hardwired it to the ceiling over my staircase. It was pretty simple and the instructions were useful. I’m using the other as a ceiling lamp in my basement. I like that it has an on/off switch.” –Target reviewer

Price: $42 (available in two colors)


Some decorative yet functional storage baskets that’ll help get your stuff sorted as you organize the shelves in your kitchen, your bathroom, your home office, and more. These medium-sized bins may be made of plastic, but they’re also unexpectedly ~aesthetic~, thanks to the delicate Y-weave design.


Promising review:My favorite baskets for storage. We have these in all different sizes. They fit nicely under my kids’ beds for storing their little knickknacks and [are] also big enough for my pantry to organize everything in there.” –Momof6

Price: $6 (available in six colors)


A woven rectangular tray made of banana leaf fibers you’ll find so many uses for, you might just keep moving it around your home every few weeks because you can. Put in the bathroom to stash hand towels in. Leave it on your coffee table and store your favorite coffee table books in it. Stick it on your dresser to help organize your accessories. The possibilities are endless.


Promising review: “I love this tray! It is so beautiful. The leather handles are so cute, and real leather, not faux. And it’s huge! I currently have it under my coffee table to house remotes, lab top and coasters . Great tray for the money.” –Christine

Price: $45


A set of two wood lattice wall hangings that are the easiest one-and-done décor pick ever. Don’t have time to waste trying to figure out how to make your empty walls less boring? Try these. You’re welcome.


Promising review: “Absolutely beautiful. The color of the wood is perfect for my décor.” —Aritipbia

Price: $24.99 for a set of two


An aesthetically pleasing laundry hamper, because it’s finally time to get rid of that old mesh laundry hamper you’ve been carting around for literal years. You’re a homeowner now. Get somewhere nice to put your dirty clothes. This dark brown woven basket hamper should do the trick. Your inner HGTV star will thank you for it.


Promising review: “This is the right size basket for two people to use. It holds a week’s worth of clothing and more with no problem. The handles make it easy to move back and forth to the laundry room. The hinged lid is great as it keeps the room looking tidy.” –Kim

Price: $48


A fun, reusable letterboard, so you can change up your ~vibes~ again and again and again. You can wall-mount it or just display it on a surface – and it comes in tons of different color options, depending on what your favorite palette is.


Promising review: “I LOVE THIS LETTERBOARD! I have been looking for one all over, but I landed on this one because it had the cutest color selection. I chose the nude pink one and I love it! It goes perfectly with my room aesthetic and I like how the red letters pop on it. I also bought extra letters to use with it as well. Keep in mind that the wood frame isn’t real wood, but from faraway you can’t tell! It’s a great size too. I definitely recommend!” —peaches

Price: $15 (available in six colors)


An all-in-one shower curtain and liner in a cherry blossom print that’s just so pretty, because now’s your chance to make your bathroom into the spa-like retreat you’ve always dreamed of. This set is also easy-peasy; it hangs from flex-on grommets, so you don’t need to faff about with shower curtain rings, and the liner snaps right onto the curtain.


Promising review: “Very convenient all-in-one shower curtain. It comes with the curtain, the liner and the holes, so no need to buy anything else. I like the window on the top part of the curtain – it gives some light while showering. Color is very beautiful and it matches my bathroom.” –twinmom

Price: $34.99+ (available in three colors)


An industrial-style floating shelf, because you’ll need somewhere neat to display your knickknacks and objet d’arts now, right? This option might be simple, but the clean lines keep it from looking overwrought.


Promising review: “This is a great little addition to hang beside my bed! One on each side makes for a nice replacement for nightstands, if you just want the shelf. I used baskets underneath to clearly see what’s there, instead of drawers or cabinets that hide stuff.” —Target reviewer

Price: $22.99 (available in two colors)


A set of three framed leaf watercolor prints so you can dive deep into the plantcore aesthetic. If you’re looking to complete your first gallery wall project, this trio will round out your collection nicely — no green thumb required.


Promising review: “These were the perfect finishing pieces to our guest room. I get so many compliments on them and the color of the wood frame is stunning.” —Target reviewer

Price: $75


A chic globe table lamp that’ll light up your life (or desk, or reading nook, or bedroom, or…) in minimalist style. The opaque glass diffuses the light for a softer look, while the wood base adds some cozy warmth — and as a bonus, it’s even got two USB ports you can use to charge your devices.


Promising review:These little lamps are so cute and functional. I bought two for my vanity. I love that you can adjust the light with the dimmer and that it comes with a USB port so I can easily charge my cellphone. They look way more expensive than they are. They are nice and heavy! The wood is really pretty and I love the brass knob.” –Coastalbabe

Price: $30


An adorable decorative lantern, because you don’t actually have to be on the coast to embrace the coastal look. This wood lantern fastens with a metal latch, while the glass sides make it perfect for displaying pillar candles – either real or flameless.


Promising review: “Love the details, and the hinged door. Well priced and made well.” –Georgie

Price: $24.49+ (available in two sizes


A glam glass coffee table that’ll anchor your new living room while keeping things light and airy. The satin gold frame adds some sparkle without being Just! Too! Much! – and reviewers say it’s super simple to put together, too.


Promising review: “Traded out an ottoman for this table. I searched most furniture sites for a table that not only complimented the living room’s odd space, but would tie together the few other gold accent pieces. What sold me on this table was how well it pairs with a dark couch and light-colored rug. Great quality for price, easy to put together and perfect size for a smaller rug/living room space.” –GloryGirl05

Price: $149.99


A ceramic planter with a wooden stand, because, I mean, these li’l guys are everywhere. If you like playing with height and levels in your décor, the cute little legs on this pick will help you boost up your favorite green baby so it can literally tower over all the rest. Mwahahahaha.


Promising review: “Love them! It’s hard to find nice simple planters and these are perfect.” —Target reviewer

Price: $35+ (available in two sizes)


A coiled rope basket that will do wonders when it comes to keeping your floors tidy. Toys; blankets; other… detritus – this soft and cozy basket can handle it all. Also, thanks to its elegant cream color, it’ll match literally anything – so if your design style changes at some point down the line, you can be sure that this pick will still work with its surroundings.


Promising review: “Absolutely LOVE these baskets! So clean and soft and spacious.” —Target reviewer

Price: $16


A colorful dish towel with a bright, cheerful orange print, so even your dishes can enjoy your new digs. A little citrusy charm goes a long way towards making your home feel, y’know, homey.


Promising review:This kitchen towel is adorable! The styling and tassels are perfect. It’s tea towel-type material. I love it for dressing up my kitchen.” –Target reviewer

Price: $3


A marble and wood bookend that’s as much sculpture as it is Thing To Keep Your Books In Place. The half-arch design kinda makes it look like a neutral rainbow, so it’ll brighten up any space while still keeping its cool. Do you have a mantle? This’ll look great on a mantle.


Promising review:These are sturdy and beautiful! The perfect accent piece in our home office.” —Target reviewer

Price: $15


A really nice trash can, because yes, even your litter receptacle can be part of your design scheme. Simplehuman’s slim, semi-round option holds up to 50 liters of…stuff…and even better, you can open it hands-free, thanks to the handy-dandy foot pedal.


Promising review: “This is an all-around awesome garbage can. Works great. Looks great. Spend the extra and get yourself a nice garbage can.” –Jeff

Price: $49.99 (available in four colors)


A wooden peg wall hook that’ll make sure your new entryway stays both clear and cute. With three size options – choose from six, four, or just one peg – this cottage-y pick from Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Hearth & Hand with Magnolia line can grant some rustic appeal to just about any space.


Promising review: “I love this modern and sleek look. It definitely is a space saver vs. a traditional coat rack!” —Target reviewer

Price: $4.99+ (available in three sizes)


A cute li’l rhinoceros cookie jar to dress up your counters with the perfect amount of whimsy. And hey, even though this ceramic beastie is meant for cookies, that doesn’t you can’t stash other stuff in it, too – it’s good snacks, odds and ends, you name it.


Promising review:Smaller than anticipated, but I love it! Packed full of mini raisin boxes and mini granola and Lara bars, this makes my child go for a healthy snack just to reach inside the rhino!” –Target reviewer

Price: $19.99


A simple yet gorgeous decorative wood bowl, because even your oddest of ends look like part of an intentional design scheme when you stick ‘em a beautiful container. This paulownia pick is unfinished, making it perfect for homes with rustic aesthetics.


Promising review: “This bowl looks too cute on my mantle! I filled it with some faux greenery. I love how natural the wood looks.” –Target reviewer

Price: $25


And a big ol’ chunky, knit throw blanket, so you can live your best cottagecore life in your new home. I don’t what it is about a good decorative blanket, but just tossing one across a couch or chair in an artfully disheveled fashion instantly boosts the look of a space. It’s the “woke up like this” of home décor.


Promising review: “Love love love this throw. Wish I could buy one in every color. The yarn is non-shedding and a nice, heavy weight. Definitely would buy again!” – Target reviewer

Price: $69.99 (available in four colors)

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