Decorating With Vintage Home Accessories for a Timeless Home

Many families and individuals have started to embrace the traditional and laid-back style for their homes. This is because of the warmth, the relaxing ambiance and the comfort that this style comes with. Homeowners do not have to spend so much on vintage home accessories too as they are very affordable and easy to find. In fact, existing retro cushions at home can be nice and functional decorative pieces even if they look old already. The mood in any room of the house can also be set using Moroccan lighting pieces and to obtain that vintage and classical design scheme.

The Vintage Era

Back in the 1940s and 1950s, people were faced with new challenges and had to go through new beginnings. Life, in general, moved at a relatively slower pace and everything was more safe, simple and relaxed. This lifestyle was very apparent in the homes of many people. Post war circumstances forced people to make do with what they have left so they used old furnishings and restored them for their homes. Although most individuals at present would only remember the vintage era from their childhood or the house of their grandparents, this design scheme inspired by this era never fails to bring feelings of comfort, warmth and safety.

Why It Became Very Popular

At present, homeowners have to work around a budget when decorating their homes. It is possible to use a shabby chic, vintage look without having to spend a lot of money. People who prefer to have a more classical theme inside their homes and yet they cannot afford to buy grand chandeliers opt for vintage accessories instead. Also, this theme did not require people to change pieces of furniture or to upgrade appliances every year in order to follow the trends. Adding unique pieces of soft furnishings can transform a room instantly instead of replacing all items in the room that are starting to look old. Homeowners were also given an opportunity to combine new items with old pieces of furniture and decorations. Because of these reasons and benefits, many people chose to use a vintage style in their homes for its appealing design and practicality.

How to Decorate Using Vintage Accessories

It is very easy to achieve the gorgeous ambiance of a country vintage look in the house. This fresh design can be integrated into any parts of the house, whether it is in the living room or the bedroom. Here are a few ways on how one can decorate the house using stylish vintage accents.

Restore the furniture. A good idea to transform a room without replacing the current items is to restore the furnishings. For instance, it may be a good idea to repaint that wicker chair with a pastel or more neutral colour. Moroccan inspired cushions can also be used to accentuate the chair and give it a more comforting look. There are people who purchase new items only to distress it in order to get the aged furniture look that will go well with the theme. An old piece of furniture would not need to go through the same thing, as time would have caused it to wear naturally. However it could still use a little bit of restoration and maintenance for it to last longer.

Choose handmade products. When in the lookout for decorations and pieces of furniture, homeowners should seriously consider getting handmade ones. There are also lighting fixtures that are handmade, as well as fabrics, crochets and quilts. This gives the house a more personal feel, as the item is carefully crafted by hand.

Go for muted and pastel hues. In order to make the rest of the shabby chic furnishings stand out, painting the walls white, beige or any neutral tones is a good idea. If there is a need to use retro cushions, pastel tones can create a more relaxed look compared to bright colours.

Do not be afraid to use lighting. This is a good way to set an ambient mood in any room. Moroccan lighting fixtures can certainly highlight the vintage setting in the house with its exotic yet warm features.

The timeless feel that this design scheme brings to people makes it a popular theme for many homes. Every home can brighten up easily with the right choice of vintage home accessories.

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