If you have an infestation of silverfish bugs in your home, then you may have realised by now that these little callous creatures do not only have despicable attitudes towards the majority of your household items, but they are also almost impossible to eradicate. Internet forums are filled with horror stories from individuals who are struggling to get rid of these pests from their homes despite spending handsome amount of money on pesticides. If you are having the same difficulty and wondering why these bugs just cannot be defeated, then here are three little things you may not know about these relentless bugs.

1) They know how to play the game.
Silverfish bugs are nocturnal creatures. They are also sharp, intelligent and exceptionally fast in playing hide-and-seek. Trying to eliminate them with pesticides might yield modest results in the short-term, but it will cost you a prodigious amount of money and precious time in the long-run. It is humanly impossible to reach these bugs in their designated living environments. They reside inside the walls, cracks, pipes, ceilings, basements, attics, in between bookshelves, kitchen cupboards, closets and any dark hidden spaces in your home.

More shockingly, silverfish bugs are immune to almost all highly recommended pesticides that are widely available on the market. The few that can kill them are also perilous to your health and other domestic pets such as cats, dogs and fish. With time, you may succeed in killing a small percentage of silverfish bugs, but you are unlikely to reach to the core and eliminate their eggs.

2) High humidity and temperature in your home are the number one reason why they will never give up their dream locations.

Silverfish bugs favour damp and cool environments with humidity level ranging between 75% and 95%, and temperature ranging from 70 to 80 degree Fahrenheit. As long as your home encompass these decisive factors, it is highly unlikely that you will ever find any method or product that will eliminate these bugs permanently. Unless you tackle the route causes of high humidity and temperature, these creatures will continue to lay eggs, moult and wreck not only your precious items but also other household goods that contain starches and polysaccharides.

3) Keeping your items safe will never starve them to death.

Although they have high appetite for items that contain polysaccharides, silverfish bugs can also survive without substance for more than a year. Hiding away all items that are rich in carbohydrates, proteins and dextrin may deter these bugs from causing sever damages but will not force them out of your home. In any case, they can feed on their own external skeletons and other dead insects while they continue to multiply. They may enjoy wrecking your items, but these items are not one of the major defining factors for their existence.

One of the most effective methods that, I believe, you can use is: find out WHAT is causing high humidity level in your home and then move swiftly to rectify these causes. But you must first understand their biological make up.

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