East meets West in this Indian family’s brightly decorated home in New Jersey

“Home is not a place; it is a feeling.” – Cecelia Ahern

With a plethora of Indian communities living in the United States, it is no longer an alien land but a place many immigrants call home in the true sense of the word. After settling here, they have blessed their new land with vibrant customs, colors, festivals, and even, décor. That’s right, Indian-American homes in the US typically have an Indian aura around them what with the lively décor and signature pieces from back home.

One such home is Thenmozhi’s sweet abode, in the scenic state of New Jersey. A creative enthusiast, Thenmozhi loves bringing beautiful elements to her US home. This is evident in the décor she has handpicked for the various spaces in and around the house.

Here are some pictures from Thenmozhi’s pad. Let us take a virtual tour around this beautiful home @Inspireddecorart

The Grand Entrance

a room filled with furniture and vase of flowers on a plant

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The grand entrance to Thenmozhi’s home boasts of a brightly painted wall, a beautiful entryway table, a decorative mirror, two beautiful bells, and a lovely statue of Ganpathi among other brightly colored decors and thriving plants, which give it such a fresh look. Thenmozhi says, “I like to shuffle things around, or paint rooms in our home to give it a new look – it’s easy and budget-friendly.”

The Sunroom

a sandwich sitting on top of a wooden table

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This is the sunshine corner of this beautiful home. With a lot of huge windows to let the lovely sunshine in, and a cozy couch to relax, this is the perfect sunroom one could wish for.

a basket filled with furniture and vase of flowers on a table

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The sunroom also has a cozy corner to chill with a good book and a cup of coffee. This special corner was put together in the sun room with some of the green treasure and a colorful blanket.

The Living room

a view of a living room

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The color pop living room looks bright and inviting.

a colorful living room

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Thenmozhi says, “Color co-ordination is not my thing when it comes to decor or styling. I always go bold with my color choices both on the walls and cushions and it’s a hit or miss. Going with the flow.”

Décor Pieces

a decorated cake on a table

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A beautiful brass Bala Krishna from @simgillstore adorns Thenmozhi’s home.

a vase of flowers on a table

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The beautiful candle brass stands are from @homegoods.

a painting of a vase with flowers in it

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This beautiful piece of work is from @cottageartsindia.

The Green space

a man sitting in front of a palm tree

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This home has a lot of indoor plants. Studies have shown that indoor plants not only boost your mood and reduce stress levels. But it is or course not a simple task to maintain so many plants in your home. Thenmozhi has some advice for you if you wish to have plants in your home. Some of the tips are, research before you purchase a plant focusing primarily on sunlight and water needs, water them only when needed, keep a close watch on the plants to ensure they are thriving at the position they are in, monitor the temperature of the water and basically make them a part of your family.

A well-decorated wall in the kitchen

a table topped with lots of colorful flowers

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Walls are for decorating, and Thenmozhi has found her favorite wall in her kitchen. She says, “This is my favorite wall in our home. I keep throwing different things at it and to me they always turn out good.” Thenmozhi’s rooms are very colorful. She says, “People ask me how I color co-ordinate the rooms in our home. Truth is I never do. I just buy things I love or cannot live without and then try to find a place in our abode. It simply works. Color brings a lot of energy and brightens up my day. Even when the outside is gloomy it livens the indoors and sends positive energy.”

Deck with a view

a wooden table

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As for Thenmozhi’s deck, nature seems to have decorated it! The wooden swing set blends perfectly with the surroundings. What a view!

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