We often talk about the incredible surge in real estate values in the past five years in the Great State of Florida. The Hurricane State if you will as it is so flat that there is barely anything to slow down a massive Hurricane. But some still ask why anyone would pay that much to live upon a giant Sand Bar?

In fact most of Florida is a sand bar except the Panhandle and above Orlando area. There are a few places with rock underneath which extend past that along I-95 but lets face it Florida is a Giant Sand Bar, which is tall skinny and flat. Your perfect Runway Model if you, which is a good analogy as it is a beautiful sand bar at that? Surges in Real Estate is one thing, but is that the only type of surge we should be considering there?

But why would anyone, wish to live less than 12-18 feet above see level when Cat IV and V Hurricanes are known to deliver upwards of 20 feet storm surges. Can you say a submerged sand bar? And how do we know whole parts of it will not completely move someday? Shifting sand is well known on sandbars you see?

If you own Florida real estate I am not trying to hurt your property values and I truly wish you well, but from a philosophical stand point, you know that really does not make a whole lot of sense does it? Perhaps you will consider all this in 2006.

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