The 28 Most Romantic Date Ideas Around Philadelphia

If you recently moved to Philadelphia, you are probably learning a lot about your new city. Adjusting to a new city and all that it has to offer can take some time. You have probably learned quickly what works best for your commute, or the best restaurants, bars, and coffee shops near your home and work.

But have you taken some casual time to check out the best places to hang out with friends in The City of Brotherly Love? Whether you want to do some fun activity while hanging out, or you simply want to relax, here’s where to hang out with your friends when you live in Philly:

Outdoor Options and Parks

If you and your friend group love spending time outside, there are plenty of great Philly spots to choose from. You could spend some time in John F. Kennedy Plaza, also known as “Love Park” after the famous love sign. Grab some photos with friends in front of the sign to post online.

You could also head to the Morris Arboretum at the University of Pennsylvania to enjoy some quality outdoor time. You can walk the variety of gardens or check out the Horticulture Center. If you are looking for a more exciting time outside in the city, head to Franklin Square to enjoy some mini golf and rides. There are so many places outdoors in Philly to hang out and have a fun time with friends.

Museums and Other Historical Sites

If you and your friend group love learning new things, or are history buffs, then Philly is full of great spots for you to hang out and learn something new while you do. Some of the great Philly museums to check out with your friends include the Academy of Natural Sciences at Drexel University, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Science History Institute, the National Museum of American Jewish History

Some historical sites to check out with friends include Independence Hall, and actually all of Independence National Historical Park in general. Here, you can see the Liberty Bell and so much more. If your friend group loves history, there is no shortage in Philly. 

Food and Drink-Related Hangout Spots

Spending time hanging out with friends can only be improved with food and drinks, and Philly has plenty of restaurants and bars to choose from for a group hang. If you have any vegetarians in the group, check out Vedge. If each of your friends wants something different to eat or drink, and you also want to do some shopping, head to Reading Terminal Market.

Other top restaurants to check out with friends include,, Zahav, Fork, Spice Finch, and so many more. If you want to grab dinner or drinks with friends, Philly is full of perfect spots.

If you love hanging out with your friends in Philly, there are so many spots to choose from. From parks and other outdoor spots to museums to restaurants and bars, you will never run out of places to hang out. You may even find yourself checking out Philadelphia houses for sale to move closer to your favorite hangout spots.

By Rehan

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