Rakshabandhan is perhaps one of the biggest festivals celebrated to mark the beautiful relationship between a brother and sister. The sisters tie a raksha sutra or rakhi on the right wrist of their brothers and feed them sweets and more. On the other hand, brothers are supposed to express their gratitude for their sisters and keep them protected from all evils of the world and work like their shield.

Not only that, but Raksha Bandhan is one festival that perhaps kick starts the festive season. So, if you want to make this festival special for you and your family then read this article and find out how to do that with some cool DIY rakhi decoration ideas that will help with all your troubles easily, appliance repair in Los Angeles.

Start By Setting Up Your Drawing Room

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rakshabandhan decor

The first step towards making your home rakhi ready, you will have to start by decorating your drawing room where everyone will be seated or gathered. So you can start by hanging a few streamers of different colours across the room and then open the windows for natural light and fresh air. Further, coordinate your cushions with the sofa along with a matching carpet and set your center table properly.

To add to the character of the space, you can also add fresh flowers or plants to the room and make it look super lively and beautiful.

Decorate The Temple

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rakshabandhan decor

You must also decorate the temple area in your house as that turns out to be another crucial place where all your guests come together on the day of Rakshabandhan. You can either decorate the entire temple room or go ahead with just by decorating the temple.

Start by cleaning the entire region/room thoroughly as the puja and all the ceremonies will be taking place here. After the room has been cleaned proper, you can start making a rangoli with flowers. Yes, that’s right! What can be more beautiful than a rangoli at the entrance? You definitely know the answer to that. After being done with the rangoli, make another small one in front of the idols.

Further, decorate the entire wall with garlands and place some around the temple. Hang them in a curvy pattern above the temple, fill in the space with plants or other small seating options, light a natural fragrance diffuser, and voila!

Amping Up The Rakhi Table

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rakshabandhan decor

A rakhi table could add volumes to your decor without you realising how important it is. A rakhi table can be any high table that can be topped with a table cover, decorative mirrors, a basket full of rakhis, and gifts of course.

After topping the table with all that, take colourful vases and glass containers and place them below the table. And there yo go! You amazing rakhi table is ready. You can further place seating options around this and also play games in this area.

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Add Candles And Lights

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rakshabandhan decor

Don’t candles and fairy lights instantly amp up any place? If you think so too then this is another way you can decorate your space for Rakshabandhan or just any celebration. Make rangolis and decorate them with small diyas or candles, in addition to that take a candle bowl fill it with water and leave tealight candles in it to float over. Also, finally, take fairy lights and stretch them across the room, over the walls, and wherever you think it would fit. Finally, spray your entire home with a room freshener and you’re good to go.

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