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Are you considering moving to a new place to upgrade your home with all amenities, décor and improve its aesthetic appearance? Now, luckily you can make your home look more appealing and welcoming to the visitors with these tips and tricks. Just like you followed a moving checklist to make the move to your new home efficient, you will need to be equally alert when redesigning and decorating the home. From decorating the walls of the home to placing the furniture items at the right place, from picking the right décor to the right furniture pieces, you need to pay attention to every small detailing of the home to not just make it look awesome but also functional to live.

Look at these tips and tricks that will turn your home into an oasis of relaxation where you can relax and it also seems appealing to the visitors.

  • Let the entrance set the welcoming tone first: The entrance is the very first thing that welcomes the visitors, so do not underestimate it and spend some time providing a nice decor to it. The entryway of your new house should be decorated in such a way that draws the attention of your guests into your beautiful house. You can decorate the entrance with a clean and simple welcome mat, sophisticated lightning, or mesmerizing piece of art. Some people are drawn for the cute signs such as your front door saying welcome or hello! Adding a big and natural green leafy plant to the inside of the front door also brings life to an entryway.
  • Welcome furniture diversity: Most people believe that they should buy large furniture items so that the whole space can easily be filled but this is not always an ideal option until you don’t want your new home to look like a showroom of furniture. Quite funny, right? So, whenever you go for buying furniture items, first of all, you should plan the layout of your new home. Also, don’t be afraid of mixing things a little bit because this will add a good charm to your home. For a vivid interior that is warming and welcoming, diversity is the key, and then get ready to receive good compliments from your guests.
  • Add wall texture finishes and textiles: One of the simplest and easiest tips to make your new house welcoming is to add different and attractive textures to the walls of your house. For example, you can paint the wall across the front door with bold color or you can add fun art or wallpapers to the walls. Apart from the texture, soft textiles can be added to create a sense of belongingness and coziness. Get those soothing items which when touched make one feel comfortable such as fluffy carpets, soft cushions, and furniture, plants, etc.
  • Keep seating arrangement easily accessible: The seating arrangement in your house is the most important thing to consider when making your new home comfortable. You may not have any problem in moving the chair from a particular place to sit behind the dining table but your guests might not be comfortable with it. It’s better to keep seating easily accessible and relatively close but not so close that no one can pass through. Placing seating too far with too many objects in between can be disrupting and your guests might feel distant, which doesn’t look inviting.
  • Have some amazing smells on display: If you want to make your brand-new house welcoming and inviting then make sure that it smells great or at least does not smell unpleasant. To find what your house smells like you can take a mini-vacation from it and after returning see what it smells like. If it smells bad then immediately get rid of it as the house with an unpleasant odor does not feel welcoming. You can add aromatic essential oils to the air filters or can get light-scented candles or fragrant flowers for a pleasant smelling house.
  • Lighting: Lighting plays an important role in making a home look elegant, appealing, and warming. Many people often neglect the magic of the lighting. But do you know the right type of lighting used at your home could make the interior of your home bigger, taller, and could create illusions which you want to have at your home? Only a few fixtures of lighting at the right places could work great and you will also get surprised with the result of it. Like if you want to create an intimate atmosphere at your home then you could consider having a good source of lighting all around in the room and then see the results.

Wrapping it all up

All people want to have the home of their dreams where they can live peacefully and can spend the best quality time. Using your creativity with warm colors, lighting, the layout of furniture could make your home unique from all the homes and you can easily make it peaceful and welcoming for the guests.

Story by Sachin Bhardwaj