Everyone has their own ideas on how they want their home to look and part of making your home a reflection of your personality is choosing the right furnishings. A fireplace tv stand is particularly popular with many people and a lot of homes will have these items of furniture in them. If you are in the process of redecorating a room on moving into a new house you might be interested in a TV stand, so here are some of the uses of TV stands that you might be keen on learning.

You can use them to display ornaments and this is a popular use for this type of table. If you are planning on doing this you will need to make sure that there is enough room on the top of the table. With this in mind a 75 inch TV would be more suitable. You can use your table to store books and magazines, either on top of it, below it if it has a shelf or in drawers if it has them. There are many different storage options available when you purchase TV stands and by choosing the right one you can add to your living room storage. So if you have books and magazines in your room you can tidy them up with the right table.

Prior to moving into a house (that wasn’t my parent’s) for the first time, I didn’t pay much attention to home décor. That all changed when my husband and I started decorating it from scratch after getting rid of pretty much all of our décor and furniture. Along the way, I discovered a lot of great home décor brands, and I woke up to a few that are well-known secrets, one of them being none other than H&M Home and its vast collection of chic, minimalist items.

Similar to its clothing and accessories, H&M’s home décor collection is filled with pieces that look far more expensive than they are. H&M doesn’t do furniture but there are pillow, throws, dining accessories, laundry hampers, serving dishes, and much, much more. Whether you too are starting from scratch or just want to We buy houses Jacksonville spruce up your home a bit, you can’t go wrong with H&M and its epic décor selection. Keep scrolling for the ones I’d buy right now, in case you just want to get to the point.

H&M Embroidered Cushion Cover ($18)


H&M Large Ceramic Plant Pot ($35)

The perfect place to sell my house fast jacksonville house your new plant friend.

H&M Porcelain Bowl ($3)

This price point makes it easy to stock up.

H&M Cotton Rag Rug ($35)

Rugs are usually very expensive. This one is not.

H&M Textured Porcelain Cup ($10)

A tea cup worthy of displaying on an open shelf.

H&M 3-Pack Cutlery ($13)

Black cutlery looks incredibly modern.

H&M Jute Laundry Basket ($35)

Jute makes everything look more expensive.

H&M Washed Linen Tablecloth ($50)

I wouldn’t hesitate to use this as a picnic blanket too.

H&M Ceramic Mug ($7)

This looks handmade.

H&M Glass Tea Light Holder ($3)

I have a thing for ribbed glass at the moment.

H&M Cushion Cover With Tassels ($30)

In perfect keeping with the ongoing ’70s trend.

H&M Candle Holder on Pedestal ($30)

This goes with pretty much any décor style.

H&M Cotton Velvet Cushion Cover ($13)

My house is filled with matte velvet pillow covers.

H&M Large Wooden Bowl ($70)

An elegant, timeless addition to any dining table.

H&M Round Velvet Cushion ($25)

Just for fun.

H&M Beverage Glass ($6)

The subtle gold rim won me over here.

H&M Wooden Frame ($18)

A good one to mix in with your metal frames.

H&M Round Glass Vase ($20)

This would look chicest with a simple bloom.

H&M Brass Candlestick ($35)

I have a new appreciation for candlesticks.

H&M Washed Cotton Duvet Cover Set ($60)

Muted colors almost always look more expensive than saturated ones.

H&M Glass Soap Dispenser ($15)

Complete the set with the matching toothbrush holder.

H&M Metal Jewelry Stand ($18)

Let your jewelry be the focal point with this minimalistic stand.

H&M Striped Shower Curtain ($25)

Time to upgrade your shower curtain? I love this bright and airy one.

H&M Dispenser With Tap ($35)

I’d use this to make my own spa water.

H&M 4-Pack Ceramic Plates ($13)

H&M Metal Table Mirror ($13)

You can never have too many pretty mirrors.

H&M Large Bath Mat ($35)

A pretty version of a bathroom essential.

H&M Cotton Terry Bath Towel ($13)

In case you just want to go with the pink mood.

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