Interceramic Wood Grain Tile – The Alternative to a Wooden Floor

There is nothing like decorating your house with wood. However, the looks of wood are not easy to acquire. You would remember an old villa or a farmhouse that you might have visited some time that would have helped you get a clear picture of how the presence of wood, especially in the flooring helps you create one of the finest interior decors available.

You might want to get wooden flooring installed in your house and when you consider the idea, you find that there are many obstacles that are there in the way of getting the wood flooring that you want to have. One of the first concerns would be the time that it would take to have the flooring of wood installed.

The procedure involves the old flooring to be removed and then the wood blocks or planks installed. Usually there are about two or three finishes that are required to get the wooden flooring in place. Therefore there is ample time that goes into the construction. Given our hectic schedules in a modern city life, it is hard to invest this amount of time.

The second hurdle presents itself in the form of costs involved in creating a floor made of wood. The estimates are way higher than the ordinary cement flooring and the cost of maintenance adds on to it. Besides, the wood floor requires regular and specialized up keep and maintenance. This is another factor that presents itself as an issue because the time and the financial investment involved here is great as well.

Therefore, is there a way that the floor can be given a look that makes it seem like it is made of wood? If so, whether the maintenance of this floor inside the house is easy or not? When we introduce you to the Interceramic Woodland Tiles, both the issues addressed above with regards to the installation of wood inside the house are addressed. These tiles have been especially designed to bear the looks of wood and are available in cherry, chestnut, maple, oak and Sherwood colors. These tiles have been designed especially for their use on the floor and the walls. They are available in the size of twenty inches by six inches and therefore are considered to be an ideal solution for a floor of any size.

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