With a cool $31 million per year salary to play for the Phoenix Suns, Devin Booker has spared no expense in decorating his mansion in the desert city with the finer things … some of them with the design assistance of his girlfriend, Kendall Jenner.

The NBA star, 25, gave Architectural Digest a video tour of his Paradise Valley, Arizona, estate and described his affinity for home decor. “I consider myself fortunate to be surrounded by people with great style. Whenever I walk into my friends’ homes, I’m like a sponge, asking questions and absorbing what I see,” he told the publication.

“When someone approaches the house, it’s deceiving because it appears there’s not much going on,” Devin said of the home, which he purchased in 2019. “But once people enter and they see the pool, the yard, and all the adjoining rooms, they’re taken aback. I love how a seemingly straightforward home can still be a big reveal.”

Devin’s “cool and stylish” home is designed to entertain his friends … many of whom are his very tall NBA teammates. Those touches include 12-foot-long sofas for the guys to be able to comfortably stretch out on, and a custom poker table with plenty of leg room.

A clear sign of Kendall’s presence is a James Turrell LED wall sculpture that hangs in his dining room. The model has one of her own by the artist called “Scorpious” in her Los Angeles mansion, which she showed off during her July 2020 Architectural Digest home tour. Kendall’s sisters Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian also have the artist’s LED wall sculptures in their mansions as well.

“It’s one of my favorite parts of the home, having this beautiful piece of art that me and my guests can appreciate while enjoying a meal,” Devin told the publication about his Turrell.

Along with a  large airy kitchen and great room for pals to gather, a huge pool that take up most of his backyard and a guest house that he converted into a stylish man cave featuring a pool table and other games, Devin’s home is his sanctuary amid his hectic NBA seasons. “I know this house is something special. During those long stretches on the road, I can’t stop thinking of getting back here,” he told the magazine, adding, “It’s like something that’s been a part of me my whole life but I’m just realizing it now.”

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