We cannot spend every moment outdoors playing with our puppies as pet owners. Releasing them alone is not always an option since some puppies are true escape artists. A lost pet is upsetting, frightening, and irritating.

Finally, we want our beloved pals to be able to enjoy the outdoors. It is why you need a large outdoor dog kennel. It will let your dog enjoy the beautiful outdoors while you relax.

Dog kennels are available in various styles and materials, including wood and plastic. To choose the best one, you must consider upkeep, weather resilience, and style preferences. Additionally, you may like to add accessories such as a bed mat or curtains. Continue reading to discover the ideal large outdoor dog kennel!

Most Recommended Outdoor Dog Kennel:

PawHut Large Outdoor Dog Kennel:
This lengthier variant available in a single size for medium breeds. This version is similarly constructed of robust galvanized steel and includes the standard water-resistant cover that protects against rain, snow, and the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

One thing to notice about the cover is that it is a reversible large outdoor dog kennel. One side is dedicated to water, while the other is dedicated to the sun. Changing the cover is inconvenient, and it does not remain firmly in place on windy days.

PawHut Large Outdoor Dog Kennel brand offers a 96″ X 48″ X 72″ size that is not difficult to assemble but is time-consuming. It is suitable for travel, although the components will deteriorate with time. On a more positive side, you may add extra panels as your puppy develops or if your family expands.

The tall door may be too small for certain breeds, and the lock is not secure from the inside, which means that intelligent pets will have no difficulty escaping. However, as a whole, this is a respectable alternative.


Ø  Construction in galvanized steel

Ø  Cover that is resistant to water

Ø  Added panels

Ø  Area with plenty of space


Ø  Complicated to assemble

Ø  The door is relatively small.

How to Select the Best Outdoor Dog Kennels

Ø  Size

Ø  Material

Ø  Type of roof

Ø  The entrance and the deck

Most dogs like having their enclosed room to utilize throughout the year. Large outdoor dog kennel may be put up in the yard, on a deck, or a balcony. Even if your dog stays inside, they will appreciate having their outside place, whether they utilize it to escape the cold or seek shade on a hot day.

It’s a good idea to expose your dog to the kennel from a young age, and it’s critical to provide a comfortable and fun environment for him to stay in. In the summer, dog kennels should be situated in a shady area; in the winter, they should be positioned in a sunny area. To ensure that your dog feels entirely at ease in its kennel, you must attend to their requirements. Begin by selecting a kennel that is the proper size for your pet – avoid selecting a model that is either too large or too little or your dog may refuse to use it!

Kennels are often built of wood or plastic, and the material you choose will depend on your budget, insulation needs, and desired style. You may also purchase kennels with cloth inside. It all boils down to weather when it comes to flat vs. sloping roofs: sloped roofs are preferable in places with high rainfall. Following that, you’ll need to decide whether or not to include little amenities such as a door for improved insulation or maybe a small deck for al fresco naps!

Don’t forget to invest in your pet’s comfort by purchasing a mattress or ground cover to insulate the kennel from the elements, whether warm or frigid outside. You may also choose to feed your dog in the kennel, which would require a dog dish or even an automated food dispenser!

Choosing the correct large outdoor dog kennel is critical. Your dog must be able to readily enter the kennel, lie down comfortably, and turn around. On the other hand, avoid going overboard — a kennel should be large enough to be heated by your dog’s body heat.

Sizes of dog kennels

Typically, you will choose around five different kennel sizes to accommodate all breeds. Naturally, kennels vary in size according to the manufacturer.

Ø  XS is recommended for little dogs such as Bichon Frises, Pekingese, and Dachshunds.

Ø  S for dogs of medium sizes, such as French bulldogs or pugs.

Ø  M is for medium-sized to big dogs, such as labrador retrievers or huskies.

Ø  L is reserved for huge breeds such as red setters, greyhounds, and poodle giants.

Ø  XL size is recommended for extra-large breeds such as Bernese Mountain Dogs or Great Danes.

A dog kennel should be at least twice as long as your dog as our recommended best PawHut Large Outdoor Dog Kennel. It should be no higher than roughly one and a half times your dog’s standing height. Dog kennels are mainly composed of wood or plastic. Alternatively, you might choose an indoor fabric kennel.

Dog kennels made of wood

The most conventional material for a dog kennel is wood. Attractive and robust, hardwood dog homes are resistant to the elements and provide enough insulation.

It’s worth mentioning that wood will require treatment about every five years. It requires sanding the surface before applying an outdoor stain or varnish. It will be more difficult to transport because a wooden kennel is heavier than a plastic kennel. Additionally, it will be more costly.

Wood is often regarded as the best material for a large outdoor dog kennel due to its insulating properties, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

Dog kennels made of plastic

Plastic dog kennels are a very economical alternative since they are lightweight and simple to transfer from one location to another, depending on the season.

These kennels, which come in various colors and forms, are simple to clean and do not retain odors as much as wooden counterparts do. On the other hand, plastic kennels are less durable than wooden ones. Additionally, plastic is less insulating than wood.

Dog cages made of fabric

Contrary to popular belief, a cloth dog kennel is not synonymous with a pet carrier. With a big front entrance, these tiny dog homes provide a cozy space for your dog to relax inside.

While cloth dog kennels are very lightweight and often relatively small, they should not use them outside unless the weather is exceptionally clear. It is critical to ensure that the kennel is readily cleaned. When choosing a roof style for your dog kennel, you will have two options: flat or slanted; each choice offers several pros and cons.

Roofs of dog kennels that are slanted

If you live in a region that receives a lot of rain or snow, choose a dog kennel with a slanted roof that allows water to drain quickly. However, these roofs might be more challenging to clean.

Roofs for dog kennels that are flat

These roofs will drain water less effectively than completely pitched roofs, even with a moderate slope. Flat roofs are easy to clean, made further easier because they are often removable. Additionally, your dog may clamber up on the roof and use it as a sunny observation point! Certain kennels include a detachable roof for ease of upkeep.

Doors and curtains for kennels

While most kennels have an open entrance, some feature doors or plastic curtains to give additional insulation from the cold and rain. Over the winter months, a curtain may be an excellent addition to kennels.

Decks for kennels

A kennel with a small deck area offers your canine companion more room. Often covered with a roof, it may utilize these places for safe outdoor naps.

Any dog house intended for outdoor usage must have legs to elevate it off the ground; this provides insulation from the ground and keeps your kennel dry. Do you need further assistance while purchasing dog accessories? We’ve covered a variety of topics to keep Rover pleased!


We hope the information above has helped you determine which large outdoor dog kennel is best for you. We recognize that the possibilities are limitless and that having some more knowledge is always beneficial. If you want to start with the best, choose our top pick, the PawHut Large Outdoor Dog Kennel. Even if you want a more inexpensive choice, consider it since it is the most excellent value for money.