People decorated their homes, yards and porches in different themes representing Rose Festival’s three well-known parades.

PORTLAND, Ore. — The Portland Rose Festival announced the winners of its second annual Porch Parade on Saturday. The event was born out of the pandemic as a way to stay festive while still following COVID restrictions. 

People decorated their homes, yards and porches in different themes representing the Rose Festival’s three well-known parades: the Grand Floral, the Starlight and the Junior Parade. Contestants were judged based on how well their displays embodied one of the three. 

Other awards included one for “best representation of the Portlandia spirit” and the Clown Prince Award “for being so darned cute,” Rose Festival officials said in a release. 

First-place winners received round-trip tickets from Alaska Airlines. Second-place winners each got the Rose Festival’s 2021 theme rose “Burst of Hope.” Third-place and Portlandia and Crown Prince award winners got passes and ride tickets to the 2022 CityFair. 

Here are the 2021 Porch Parade winners:

  • Junior 1st – Janec Family Roses – Samantha Janec
  • Junior 2nd – A Garden and a Library – Lauren Frank
  • Junior 3rd – Peony Pool Party – Ashley Sider
  • Junior Clown Prince – Play Ball! – Julie Miner
  • Starlight 1st – Purple Rain – Jennifer Dawkins
  • Starlight 2nd – A rose by any other name… – Kevin and Karen Blodgett
  • Starlight 3rd – Reign-beau Revolution!- Eloise Bates
  • Starlight-Clown Prince – Jellyfish in Bloom – Ingrid Parmeter

Grand Floral Parade theme

  • Grand Floral 1st – Off We Go to The Philippines! – The Acelar Family
  • Grand Floral 2nd – This Is Paris (Reprise)/ Musee des Mollusques – Kelsey Kavanagh
  • Grand Floral 3rd – Aurora – A Story of Hope – Jennifer Burns
  • Grand Floral Clown Prince – Chinese Rose Princess & Queen – Kerry Yu
  • Grand Floral Clown Prince – Sea of Roses – Joyce Smith-McGee

The best Portlandia spirit

  • Portlandia Award – 3 Parades Gordon Family – Sharon Gordon

The Rose Festival Porch Parade ends Sunday, June 13. Click here to see a map that shows where to find displays that were entered in this year’s Porch Parade.