This is What Our New House Really Looks Like

Alright, so now that we have experienced some overgrown landscaping taken out, you can At last see what my new household actually appears like on the exterior.

The day after we took possession, a crew arrived to get down all the dead shrubs and primarily all the ones so near to the property.

I don’t comprehend this sort of up-towards-the-dwelling landscaping. And when it’s not taken treatment of, it can get out of command pretty rapidly.

Also, a lot of asked why the exterior was so rundown and that’s simply because when the initial owners bought it, the new proprietors rented it out for the previous four many years.

And it’s just as nicely, it is not likely I would have liked any additions to the landscaping.

The willow tree received a hair slice much too!

And right here she is now:

Here’s the back of the property before with the overgrown trees blocking the view and the mild:

And here’s the following:

We will need a massive landscaping approach now! Thank goodness I have the gifted Maryanne White who built my final garden!

This house was constructed 11 several years in the past and the overall color scheme is taupe from the exterior to the inside. 

Taupe was the most well-liked ‘grey’ in the gray craze mainly because it is warmer than all the greys and cooler than the beiges.

She desperately needs a paint task but that will occur in the Spring, though we’re still experiencing summer temperatures below in the West Coast, it’s completely insane!

Below we are on the front methods on the very first working day! Check out it below.


We are so grateful to have lastly uncovered a dwelling that we can use as a canvas for the weblog and our small business. Our present house is definitely overdecorated haha. 

And we’re leasing it out, see the listing in this article.

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