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Congratulations! Your time in high school or college is about to end. This milestone needs to be celebrated with the special people in your life. Other than your graduation gown and cap, you need to add a splash of color to your graduation attire – a sash or a stole.

But sashes are not only limited to school graduations but are also commonplace in events, awards nights, pageants, birthdays, promotions, and weddings. Sashes can be a colorful addition to anything that needs a unique way of celebrating.

Find below the top sash manufacturers to help you with your customized or bulk sash needs.

Recommended Sash Makers

The Sash Company

The Sash Company has been a reputable partner for many schools, colleges, and universities offering the best quality graduation sashes and stoles for over a decade. The company is also the official partner of prestigious pageants across the globe making them a trusted name in the industry.

They only use the finest heavyweight satin for all their sashes, everything is designed and produced by hand. Every sash whether for graduation, awards, bridal, events, or clergy is produced based on quality, fine attention to detail, and workmanship.

College Wear Inc.

College Wear is your one-stop-shop for sash and stoles fitting for any occasion. Celebrate your achievements through their custom stole or sash that is handcrafted using high-quality fabric. Choose from various types, styles, and patterns created by College Wear Inc.


Whether you need honor stoles, graduation stoles, company, or fraternity stoles, Stoles, allow you to create your own design. Design your bespoke stole online and have it done on time. They also have a massive collection of in-stock and custom soles guaranteed one of the cheapest in the market. For sashes and stoles, Stoles is one of the top 3 choices.

Tips When Ordering Sash or Stoles

Make it a point to place your sash orders early to have them delivered on time. Besides, sash manufacturers offer special discounts and promotions for early birds. In addition, early delivery of your sash gives you enough time to make revisions if necessary.

If you prefer to have a custom-made sash from a sash manufacturer, each sash is individually handcrafted, so it needs more time to be produced. Last-minute orders mean material, design, and productivity limitations. You do not want to spend your time and energy worrying if your order will be delivered sooner.

The earlier you can place your order, the more guarantee of avoiding uncertainties leaving you more time to focus on other important things.

Take advantage of the “design your own” feature online to visualize your concept.

Make use of the free quote or online forms to contact a sash manufacturer to help you source the product, material, or design that fits your needs.

Order Your Personalized Sash

Custom sashes or stoles are craftily designed and time-sensitive. Enjoy the benefits of uniquely designed stoles that last for years by making your orders early.

Contact a sash manufacturer of your choice to guarantee quality and on-time delivery.

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