There is a trend today where many people are coming online to see if they can make money in a Work at home internet marketing business better known as affiliate marketing. There is some serious money to make if you treat this like a real business. Unless you have an actual Product you want to sell you will be getting involved with an affiliate marketing business.

The different types of businesses you can chose from are as follows. I call this type the “One Shot Deal”. Basically you sign up to an affiliate vendor, the two most popular are Click bank and Commission Junction. Then you market your affiliate link using pay per click search engines like Google. Warning: This is the scenario that most newbies fall into.

The mistake: If you do get a sale you lose the customer immediately. More often than not your competition will eat you alive. The Solution: I never recommend marketing something that you haven’t bought yourself. With that being said create a review page and offer a valuable free report that will enable you to capture their name and email address. Then direct them to your affiliate offer. You now accomplished one of the most critical elements of Internet Marketing and that is to build your list. You now can recommend products to them later. The bigger your list the more money you can make.

The other type of Work at home Internet affiliate business you can get into is what I like to call “Make your money work for you business”. The other type of affiliate marketing business that you can do working from home is Internet Network Marketing. This type of affiliate business is hands down the best type of home business to get involved with.

Generally when you join this type of business you are joining a team of net workers. If you join the right team you will learn how to successfully market online. It still amazes me how many people looking to work at home using their computer do not understand how to market online.

Warning: Joining the wrong team can mean absolute failure in this type of business. This has led many people to call these types of businesses scams. The funny thing is the same people still like trying to make the one shot deal work for them.

The solution: Find a mentor who is willing to teach you the correct ways to market. There is not a one size fits all marketing plan. Each person has specific skills and budgets they can work with. If you find the right mentor you can effectively learn how to make money working from home. Working at home allows me to spend more time with my children for that I am grateful.

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