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The phrase remember, remember the 5th of November is an expression that refers to the celebrations regarding Guy Fawkes Day. On November 5th, 1605, Guy Fawkes, accompanied by a group of provincial English Catholics, tried to assassinate Protestant King James I of England in order to replace him with a Catholic head of state. Known as the ‘Gunpowder Plot of 1605’, the conspiracy ultimately failed, which this led to the arrest of Guy Fawkes. Following his arrest, the public began to celebrate the safety of the king and the general public. Bonfires around London were lit, and since then November 5th has become an annual British holiday in which British people get together to set off fireworks and light bonfires with family and friends. Although there are public spaces in which these bonfires take place, people often opt to host intimate parties in their gardens- however, there are obviously a lot of safety guidelines that need to be adhered to. Here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled our top tips to help you host a spectacular back garden bonfire party.

Safety is Key:

When it comes to bonfire parties, safety should be the most important aspect. Although the lights and dazzling showers of fireworks are great to look at, they are also a huge hazard. When it comes to bonfires and fireworks, most people are aware of the health and safety risks. However, here are a few refresher tips:

  • It’s important that wherever the fireworks are being set off, or the bonfire is placed, that there is a barrier that separates people from the hazard. This is especially important if you have young children, as you need to ensure there is a safe distance for them to observe.
  • It may sound obvious, but do not go near any fireworks that have been lit. You may think that it hasn’t gone off, but it may in fact be delayed. If it is a dud firework, douse it in water.
  • Create a clear plan as to who is the responsible fire marshal/ the person responsible for setting off the fireworks. Confusion can lead to accidents- so it’s important to have a discussion as to who’s responsible for what exactly. 
  • If you have any pets, keep them inside and create a safe space for them. Not only do you not want them being near the exposed bonfire or fireworks, but more often than not, animals are scared of loud noises and bangs.
  • If you’re taking your children to a firework display, ensure that you don’t dress them in clothing that is too loose, as this can be a fire hazard if they are too close to the far.
  • Be aware that if you light fireworks after 11pm or before 7am, this is actually a criminal offence, and you could be fined.

Ensure You Have Layers on Hand:

In the month of November, the temperature can dramatically drop at nighttime. As it gets increasingly colder, standing outside without sufficient heat does not seem like the best idea. If you are hosting a party, it’s wise to advise your guests to dress appropriately for the weather and come dressed in layers of clothing. Additionally, as a host you could also opt to have blankets and throws for your guests to wrap up in- however, you must ensure that these go nowhere near any firework or flame.

Food and Beverages:

No party is complete without a selection of food and drink- especially if your party is taking place outdoors on a cold November night! Hot food and drink will go down a treat, so it’s best to opt for things such as hot chocolate, tea and coffee- or if you want to serve alcohol to adults, then mulled wine is an option. In terms of food, handheld food such as hotdogs or burgers are a popular choice as it means people can eat them with ease. 

If you want to indulge in seasonal snacks, then cupcakes, apple pies and toffee apples are stellar choices which will have your guests feeling warm and cosy inside. Oh, and don’t forget about toasted s’mores! 

Beware of Loud Noises:

For those with sensitive eardrums, bonfire night can be a challenging time. The constant loud noises and pops of the fireworks can be damaging to those with sensitive ears and can cause lasting damage. Standing close to the fireworks can cause hearing loss and tinnitus, according to the British Tinnitus Association (BTA). A great way to avoid this is to firstly, ensure that everyone is standing far away from the firework display itself, or, alternatively, gift those attending ear plugs or noise cancelling headphones.

Buy Some Sparklers:

Sparklers are a great addition and tradition of bonfire night. Although they can sometimes be dangerous and therefore a parent’s biggest worry, if you take safety precautions, then they are an easy way to add fun and enjoyment to the evening. Children should always be supervised while using sparklers, and you should have a bucket filled with sand or water for the sparkler to be disposed of. Children who are under five shouldn’t hold sparklers by themselves, and a tip to keep your children safe is to put the metal part of the sprinkler into a carrot. Carrots don’t conduct heat and will also make it easier for the sparkler to be held.
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