How to Turn Any Room in Your Home Into a Homeschool Space

Kirsten Francis

Whether your family is making a long-term commitment to homeschooling or just trying to accommodate another semester of virtual learning, setting up a functional, efficient, and smarter workspace is essential. Make the most of your space and time with these expert tips to help everyone ace their daily routine.

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Don’t try to copy a classroom.

Most homes don’t have the space or resources to mimic a school classroom—which isn’t necessarily a drawback, says school architect Prakash Nair of Education Design International. Classrooms designed to accommodate dozens of children with a variety of skills and interests may be the norm, but that doesn’t always make them the best learning environment for your specific child. “The last thing you want to do at home is duplicate that,” says Nair. “What happens at school is probably

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The Decorating Sin You’re Committing in Your Bedroom, According to an Interior Designer

One of the biggest—and least-expected—trends of 2020 has been the return of the home office. It’s become one of the most desirable search terms for home listings (one architect’s gone from adding dedicated workspaces in 15 percent of his projects to a whopping 75 percent), but let’s be real: Many of us can’t dedicate an entire room to our nine-to-five. There just isn’t the square footage, so we try to cram in a work area wherever we can—the living room, the dining room, the nook between your kid’s daybed and their leaning tower of pipe cleaner crafts. Some of these spots aren’t ideal, but if you’re looking to create a home office space for the long haul, there’s one room you should absolutely avoid making multi-purpose.

Spoiler: You’re probably doing it already.

Complete spoiler: It’s your bedroom.

It’s tempting to stick a desk in your room.

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These Halloween String Lights Will Make Decorating Your Home So Easy

From Country Living

Halloween is just around the corner—and for the last-minute Halloween costume planners out there, that’s a little more scary than it is exciting. You likely haven’t yet decided on your costume (should you come up with a DIY superhero costume or a DIY witch costume?), not to mention Halloween costumes for the kids.

But we’re here to be the bearers of good news: There’s one to-do you can cross off your list—decorate your house, inside and out! With the best Halloween string lights on the market, you can easily get your home in shape for October 31 by simply plugging a few strands in and watching them delight your family and guests. Whether you buy just one of these festive finds or mix and match for a truly haunted effect, you’re sure to give the whole neighborhood the creeps (in the best way possible) when

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Inside Creative Mogul Cordelia de Castellane’s Eclectic Country Home

It’s a bit mix and match, but every piece has a story,” says Cordelia de Castellane of the eclectic assemblage of treasures inside her enchanting country house about an hour north of Paris. Although she hails from an aristocratic family that counts numerous statesmen and aesthetes in recent generations, the artistic director of Dior Maison and Baby Dior is anything but stuffy and old-fashioned. So it comes as no surprise to find that her personal retreat, festooned with climbing pink roses and chock-full of family heirlooms and flea-market finds, is a dreamy, effortlessly chic getaway.

A Braquenié print envelops the boudoir. Cordelia de Castellane often draws at a desk that belonged to her grandmother.

Matthieu Salvaing

<div class="caption"> De Castellane in an efflorescent alcove next to her boudoir. </div> <cite class="credit">Matthieu Salvaing</cite>

De Castellane in an efflorescent alcove next to her boudoir.

Matthieu Salvaing

De Castellane has been steeped in the fashion world since youth. She went to work at 16, cutting her teeth with fashion

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