Easter Bunny Origins – The Fascinating History of the Easter Bunny

Every year on Easter, legend has it that a long-eared, cotton-tailed creature comes to deliver festive baskets full of treats, toys, and delicious candy to children — and even lays colorful eggs for them to find! Among other Easter traditions like hot cross buns and egg hunts, the Easter Bunny has long been a well-known and popular symbol associated with the religious holiday — but have you ever wondered about the Easter Bunny’s origins, and how exactly the cute, fluffy woodland creature became such a prevalent symbol of Easter?

Surprisingly, there’s a lot of history behind the mythical story of an egg-bearing rabbit on Easter Sunday (and it’s not just because he’s cute!). The Easter Bunny actually has a long and deeply rooted history in the Christian holiday — and even in pagan traditions. Here’s what to know about the fascinating origins of the Easter Bunny before you welcome

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Census outreach shifts amid virus

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — In tiny Munfordville, Kentucky, the closure of the public library has cut people off from a computer used only for filling out census forms online. In Minneapolis, a concert promoting the once-a-decade count is now virtual. In Orlando, Florida, advocates called off knocking on doors in a neighborhood filled with new residents from Puerto Rico.

Across the U.S., the coronavirus has waylaid efforts to get as many people as possible to participate in the count, which determines how much federal money goes to communities. The outbreak and subsequent orders by states and cities to stay home and avoid other people came just as the census ramped up for most Americans two weeks ago.

On Saturday, the Census Bureau announced it was going to continue to suspend its 2020 census field operations for another two weeks to April 15.

That leaves thousands of advocates, officials and others

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10 New Skills To Learn While You’re Staying Home

This article originally appeared on the DealTown Patch

In an effort to stop the spread of the new coronavirus and lessen the burden on our health care system, those of us who can are staying home. If you find yourself with more free time on your hands, why not take this opportunity to develop a skill? Learn a new language, paint, make hot sauce from scratch — do anything that keeps your mind active.

We’ve rounded up 10 kits, crafts and products to keep you entertained and engaged right at home. These activities will help you pass the time and leave you better for having done them. And who knows? You might just discover a hidden talent!

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Kassa Watercolor Set

Unleash your inner painter with this top-rated

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5 Design Cues We’re Taking from This Tranquil Brooklyn Restaurant

Japanese design has always been respected for its thoughtful approach to materials and use of space. This spring, one new restaurant proved that these principles can be used to create both a unique and comforting interior, smack in the middle of Brooklyn. Designer Loren Daye of Love Is Enough and restaurant cofounder George Padilla crafted Rule of Thirds in Greenpoint, a space that embodies the Japanese principle of mottainai: a concept of “mindfulness, gratitude, and intention.”

The latest addition to the A/D/O building—a community hub and multipurpose space for creatives that includes a members-only workspace, an exhibition area, a start-up accelerator, and a shop—Rule of Thirds’s aesthetic blends polished, carefully crafted shapes and surfaces with the raw, industrial warehouse space. The overall effect is a sense of peace combined with an out-of-the-box approach to dining.

While the restaurant is closed due to the pandemic, there is still a lot

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